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Jacob Stewart

Hot Chip would like you to consider buying some exciting stone statuary along with its album.

Dancing in the dark

Hot Chip's 2006 record The Warning became one of the most loveable dance records of the year, from the infectiously repetitive "Over and Over" to the catchy and endearing "And I Was a Boy From School."

Defining a Hoosier

In becoming a true Hoosier fan, each one us will travel along our own road of important sporting events and players that define the way we view the Crimson and Cream. It is an individualized path that leads one to IU fandom, filled with common road markers and personal detours.

The list

This is the last list of my opinions that will appear. Henceforth, I will keep my trap shut and let someone else do the talking. But I will remain respectfully, a Hoosier at Heart. Good things: • Aerosmith • Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies • Mountain Dew • My mother • Curling up in bed after being outside in the bitter cold • Bob Saget • Ice cold beer

Enclosed: Follow-up letter to Purdue RE: Crimson and Gold Cup standings

Dear Purdue, First and foremost, you lost to us before Thanksgiving break ... twice! Thanks for the effort, but it just wasn’t good enough this time around as our women’s soccer team out-kicked you and so did Austin Starr. Maybe you’ll do better next year – but we doubt it. However, the point of this letter is not to gloat (OK, maybe a little).

Thankful for beer

This week, students get a well-deserved break. A hiatus from working on papers and creating massive projects, the IU community is preparing for its home stretch with a few days off to let its hair down before the sprint to finals week. And what better way to spend those days than with nagging parents and relatives whose names you can barely remember, hoping that the prayer will be over soon so that you can turn the damn game back on. Ah, the joy of spending time with family.

Game On

Winters in Indiana can drive any good Hoosier insane. The temperature will rise into the 60s in late November, causing excitement and happiness as the mini heat wave takes a little dreariness out of the day.

Teams have postseason roles to fulfill

In the heat of the moment, with time running out, the game on the line, all the money in the pot, everything left on the field, athletes are given a chance to be remembered in a moment of greatness that few others will ever be able to achieve. All eyes are on them.

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