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Colin Kulpa

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Two employees wearing protective gear walk between buildings Sept. 10 outside Ashton Residence Center. Employees that enter buildings or handle waste where COVID-19-positive residents are present wear protective gear.


IU graduate student Mary Sluder restocks COVID-19 tests Oct. 15 at Memorial Stadium. Sluder heard about the job working at IU’s stadium mitigation testing site over the summer while tutoring students through IU Athletics, and has worked at the stadium site most of the semester.


Freshman Tommy Reynolds points at the room he spent his quarantine period in Oct. 16 at Ashton Residence Center. Reynolds said he’s worried IU is limiting student freedoms too much during the pandemic, but he is thankful measures were taken to allow him to have an on-campus experience this semester.


Freshman Maia Law stands Nov. 5 outside of Ashton Residence Center. Law spent time in quarantine at Ashton’s contact tracing hall after caring for her sick friends. While there, she saw multiple violations of rules, including students leaving and entering the building to hang out with friends.


Tommy Reynolds stands Oct. 16 outside Ashton Residence Center. Reynolds spent four days in quarantine at Ashton, which he said surprised him, as it seemed much shorter than he had prepared for.


Sophomore K.J. Helloms checks the levels of a saliva sample for COVID-19 mitigation testing Oct. 15 at Memorial Stadium. Helloms lives in Willkie Quad and said he usually selects the stadium site to take his COVID-19 tests.


Windows to rooms are seen Sept. 10 at Ashton Residence Center. The residence hall was designated as IU’s quarantine housing for on-campus students that test positive for COVID-19 this semester.


A student walks in front of a tunnel while submiting a saliva sample for COVID-19 mitigation testing Oct. 15 at Memorial Stadium. Both Memorial Stadium and Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall were used as sites for mitigation testing in the fall semester, in addition to a site at Franklin Hall.


Sophomore K.J. Helloms submits a saliva sample for COVID-19 mitigation testing Oct. 15 at Memorial Stadium. “I feel like IU’s done very good, especially with the randomized testing. I’ve seen less cases here than I’ve seen at other schools that my friends go to that aren’t doing randomized testing,” Helloms said.


Dr. Aaron Carroll talks about his background in medicine, his family life and how he found himself on IU’s coronavirus task force committee Sept. 1 on a Zoom call in front of the Presidents Hall mitigation testing site in Franklin Hall. Carroll has been the lead on IU’s coronavirus task force this semester, making most of the decisions regarding mitigation testing and coronavirus protocols on the Bloomington campus.

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