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The imprint of success

For many students, classes are an obligatory part of the college experience. For seniors Jared Golden and Amish Tolia, though, a class paved the way for their prosperity as young entrepreneurs. The result? Campus Threadz, a full service custom apparel and promotional item printing company the two started in October 2005.

Business students today, community leaders tomorrow

The Kelley School of Business offers students an opportunity to hone their business skills and develop citizenship skills through Civic Leadership Development. The program gives students volunteer opportunities as well as nonprofit internships, and the group will hold its first general meeting of the year at 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Local entrepreneurs plan innovation in marketing

John Ramey and Evan Hareras, friends and partners, have now spent eight months developing an idea that could potentially revolutionize the advertising industry. Their idea is soon to take the form of, an interactive social marketing Web site.

Donald F. Kuratko: Pioneering innovation at IU

IU’s Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation has distinguished itself as one of the best in the world. Fortune Small Business magazine has praised the center’s programs as well as its director, Donald F. Kuratko.

Common Finding Forever Grade: C

The album doesn't bring anything new to the table or to Common's career. Be was a comeback album of sorts, after the '60s psychedelic-inspired Electric Circus alienated some listeners. On Finding Forever, we find Common content with his career one ladder rung from the top.

Smashing Pumpkins Zeitgeist : B-

The main problem, instead, is that not much of "Zeitgeist" is particularly memorable -- which is disappointing, given that Corgan's ability to pen a sharp, hook-laden tune was what elevated the band above their '90s heavy-rock peers in the first place.


God knows how many hours I spent as a kid playing through "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game" on the NES. Sure, the graphics and sound sucked compared to the actual arcade game, but in the early '90s it was a damn fine port of an arcade game. Now, the arcade game has come to Xbox Live, and without having to be squeezed onto an 8-bit system it's an absolutely perfect translation … at least offline. It's hard to call yourself a real gamer if you haven't played "TMNT" in the arcades before. It's a basic yet extremely enjoyable game. Pick a turtle, and go through a series of sidescrolling levels taking out hundreds of Foot Clan soldiers --and eventually Shredder himself -- to rescue April O'Neill and Master Splinter. One button jumps, one button attacks. It's almost Zen-like in its simplicity, and it's an absolute blast with three other friends … offline.

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