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Members practice "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers on Nov. 8 2021. The band played the "Armed Forces Medley" during their halftime show at the Indiana football game against Rutgers on Nov. 30 for Veterans Day. "Mr. Brightside" will be part of the band's show for the last home game of the season on Nov. 20.


Marching Hundred member Winston Snyder plays "Mr. Brightside" with the band Nov. 8, 2021, in the parking lot behind Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. The Marching Hundred has around 300 members, all learning a new show for every game according to the Marching Hundred Instagram.


Graduate Staff Instructor Esther Tupper conducts on the left side of the field behind Memorial Stadium on Nov. 11, 2021. There are four conductors that members of the Marching Hundred are able to look at while on the field. Three are at the front of the field with one in the center and one on the left and right sides. The fourth is at the back of the field for the band to watch when they are turned around.


Marching Hundred members play in a star formation while practicing their Veterans Day show Nov. 8, 2021. The band arranged in two stars with the drumline and sousaphones between them. Throughout the show, they formed designs for each of the U.S. Military branches during their respective anthems.


Members of the Marching Hundred sousaphone section play in the concert arch Nov. 8, 2021. The band sets up in the concert arch at least 15 minutes every practice. “The concert arches we make are the easiest way to rehearse music with the full ensemble. Each arch is arranged by instrument,” Boden said. This helps the staff hear each instrument section more clearly than they can while practicing drill.


The Marching Hundred is arranged in an anchor shape while playing the U.S. Coast Guard's anthem on Nov 10, 2021. A big part of marching band is the designs they make on the field, which requires effort and skill to get the right place and having “close to 300 members can be a little tricky when learning new drill and placements on the field,” senior year mellophone Alex Boden said.


A member in the trumpet section plays music for the upcoming show in the concert arch Nov 10, 2021. Music is given to members well in advance so they have time to practice the piece before rehearsals. Members aren't allowed to have their music with them during the show on game day, so they have to memorize beforehand.


Marching Hundred snare drum players dance around each during a warm up exercise Nov. 11 2021. The drumline warmed up without stopping between exercises during sectionals. As part of the warm up, each of the drumline sections danced as they played.


The Marching Hundred trumpet section takes a break during sectional practices Nov. 11, 2021. This was the last practice before the Nov. 13 football game, and most of the trumpet section showed up wearing pajama pants. The band rehearses every day for an hour and a half, according to its website.

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