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Carly Bassen

Rejection survival 101

“No” is never a nice answer. There is no easy way to reject somebody. Turning someone down is uncomfortable and leaves one feeling hurt. 

Guilty admirations

For unexplainable reasons, tall, dark and handsome has never cut it for me. I am not saying that I would turn Bradley Cooper away if he knocked on my door, but my desire is drawn to abnormally interesting characters and traits.

Booby-trap boys

There are certain things in life that must be learned the hard way. After getting your jeans caught in the bicycle chain, you realize that you must cuff them first.

Tell me your turn-off

Pussies. From their claws and fangs to their mysterious prowl, I hate cats. Who knew this fear would follow me to college?

The award-winning pick-up line

While at a tailgate, I was approached by a tall, decent-looking guy bearing a smirk that revealed sneaky intentions. His overconfident introduction sent up red flags but did not prepare me for what he said after our brief name exchange.

‘Blood’ creates political satire

Instead of giving in to an abusive government, the victims in “Parentheses of Blood” decide to take a stand. The play by Sony Labou Tansi focused on the terrors of government injustice and was performed at the Wells-Metz Theater as the last show of the Theatre and Drama Department’s fall season.

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