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Friday, Dec. 8
The Indiana Daily Student


Alpha Phi sorority moved to interim directives


Alpha Phi was moved to interim directives on March 9 after facing cease and desist for alleged endangerment of others, alcohol and hazing, since Feb. 24.  

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Under interim directives, the sorority is still prohibited from hosting, pairing, participating in and sponsoring any social events or activities, with or without alcohol, according to IU’s list of organizations on disciplinary status. 

Interim Investigation Directives is a disciplinary status that involves interim measures placed upon certain aspects of chapter operations when there is an ongoing investigation. The difference between cease and desist and interim directives is that under cease and desist, there is an immediate threat to the community, according to the IU Division of Student Affairs.  

Alpha Phi is the only student organization currently facing interim directives. Four IU Greek organizations are currently on cease and desist, nine are on suspension, and six are on other disciplinary statuses, according to the Division of Student Affairs.   

Despite IU’s strict anti-hazing policy, of the 19 Greek organizations currently on disciplinary status 13 achieved the status due to hazing, among other things. 

Anna Jeffers, president of the IU Panhellenic Association, was not available for immediate comment.  

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