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Wednesday, May 29
The Indiana Daily Student

Citizens Redistricting Advisory Commission begins process of redrawing district maps


The Citizens Redistricting Advisory Commission met for the first time Monday after an 18-month delay in which it was supposed to be seated. The commission must submit a district map recommendation, a digital proposal of new district boundaries, to the city council by Sep 7. 

The commission has to divide Bloomington into 6 districts and 48 precincts of equal population. The final map should have districts that are connected except where impossible, reasonably compact and should not cross county precinct boundaries or census block lines. 

Bloomington municipal code states the commission should keep townships, neighborhoods, school districts and historic districts together. It also recommends districts be drawn to promote political competition. 

To be approved by the city council, at least two-thirds of council members must vote yes on the map. 

The city of Bloomington has created a tool to allow the public to draw districts digitally. Residents can access the tool and submit finished maps here

The next meeting is Monday, July 25 at 7:30 p.m.

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