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COLUMN: Why you should be listening to “Palace” right now

"Lost in the Night" was released by the band Palace in 2014.
"Lost in the Night" was released by the band Palace in 2014.

Getting back into the swing of a school schedule calls for some good studying music and, while there are plenty of artists who can help get your creative juices flowing, Palace is one to check out to help in the coming weeks as students gear up for finals.

Pairing ethereal vocals and sprawling melodies, the band's music transcends what the alternative genre has become — repetitive and sometimes boring. It creates the perfect music the study to, and is a fantastic band to help listeners get back into school after a week-long, pie-filled break.

The group knows how to make simple sound intriguing, pairing things such as guitar and drums with the perfect placement of treble.

The band started out in London and has been doing shows around the UK and Ireland. The group consists of front man Leo Wyndham, drummer Matt Hodges and guitarist Rupert Turner. 

Their 2014 EP “Lost in the Night” is breathtaking. The titular track, just like most of their music, is sanguine and airy. When listening to the EP, you’ll feel like you’ve gone into a meditative state, because its songs repeat melodic hums and bells effortlessly. 

“I Want What You Got” drips with cool as guitar strums narrate a story of longing and jealousy. The song ends in a triumphant harmony that gives chills every time. 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel emotional every time I listen to Palace. Its music has a lasting, somewhat indescribable effect on me. It’s intense and visceral and creates a feeling that could be compared to attending a great concert or eating your favorite meal.

Each time I listen, I question how a group that makes music this good could still be as small scale as they are, but that’s possibly part of their appeal. Palace is like an excellent secret, which makes listening to them all the more personal and fun, like you’re in on something exclusive.  

I have strong memories of a trip to Europe in which I only listened to their album “So Long Forever.” Now every time I listen to it I have flashbacks of lush rolling hills and vineyards in Tuscany passing my car window as “Live Well” played through my headphones. 

I love that the band's songs get progressively more complex as you listen. Once you hit the bridge in almost all of the tracks, the slow guitar gets faster and the soft drums get harder. The melodies mix into a cocktail of harmonies, cooing and repeating with fervor.

“Bitter,” a track originally featured on the group's “Lost in the Night” was remastered and re-released on their album “So Long Forever.” Different notes in the chorus add more to this song, which was already a fantastic breakup ballad. The bridge and ending of the song would be perfect for a movie montage of a couple falling in and out of love. 

Palace is just one of many hidden gem alternative groups, but it stands out because of its simplicity. The group knows how to build up a melody with guitar and drums alone, which gives listeners a lot to love.  

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