LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Some abortions protect sexual abusers not sexual abuse survivors

Project Rachel and Sidewalk Advocates for Life and Chastity have brought a better life following hardship

I am glad you chose to publish an ?article on the Bloomington Planned Parenthood. Let me explain why.

I am a survivor of childhood and adolescent sexual abuse, and I have personally experienced an abortion more than once.

I am one of the people your journalist mistakenly identified as a “protester” in front of the clinic. I am not a protester. I do not shout at women, shame them or condemn them. The series of forced abortions that were done to me as a very young girl without my consent, and to many other girls as well, nearly killed me a few times because of severe ?complications. The abortions were done to protect the sexual abusers. There were no pro-life sidewalk counselors in front of abortion clinics at that time. Eventually, the pro-life movement in the Catholic Church helped me recover from the abuse and the ?abortions.

I am now a pro-life Roman Catholic and a member of Project Rachel, the ministry of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, which is part of the USCCB approved Project Rachel ministry for post-abortive women and men and all who suffer from abortion. I am also a trained representative of Sidewalk Advocates for Life and Chastity, a national organization of pro-life outreach to ?pregnant women.

I would love to be interviewed by one of your journalists so that you may have the opportunity to print a fair and balanced counterpoint article about the issue of abortion and women’s health in our community. I have current information about the Bloomington Planned Parenthood that relates directly to the health and safety of women and minors in our ?community.

Thank you for bringing attention to the issue of abortion in the Bloomington community.

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