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Thursday, April 18
The Indiana Daily Student


Hunting with care

“Good Wolf Dead Wolf” is a Facebook community that posts graphic pictures of hunted and killed wolves, celebrating each picture with the declaration “the only good wolf is a dead wolf.”

The community’s existence and the encouragement of this behavior is problematic. Most of the hunters appear inexperienced, given the grisly state of their kill.

Hunting, I believe, is perfectly fine when done properly. We’ve seen it work in Bloomington with the Griffy Lake deer surplus. It controls animal populations and protects the environment. It can provide food or money for the hunters.

What’s disturbing is the manner in which these wolves are hunted.

The wolves are allegedly caught in traps, where they are choked to death or shot, sometimes what appears to be a combination of both.

There is an unsettling air of nonchalance to the way in which the wolves are dispatched.

Wolves were only recently re-introduced into northern American
ecosystems, much to the dissatisfaction of the ranch and farm owners that lived there.
Their concerns were, of course, legitimate.

Ranchers didn’t want their sheep or cattle eaten or their land threatened. But it seems this group has decided to take matters into its own hands.

This inhumane treatment of these animals and the disregard for environmental impact not only gives hunting a bad name, but severely damages the well-being of an ecosystem and a species.

Wolves, while not yet an endangered species, are extremely rare.

They are stigmatized and threatened. They are an extremely controversial animal.
To just barrel through and kill packs of wolves at will is dangerous and destructive.

Not only that, but it shines a very negative light on advocates of hunting and gun ownership and safety.

This page, and pages like it, must be taken down. They encourage dangerous behavior and threaten discussion with local government about local concerns.

It is disgusting, and it needs to be stopped.

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