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Monday, Dec. 11
The Indiana Daily Student

IU presents: a dirty old man

IU will provide a platform for one of the dirtiest old misogynists in the
public eye this Sunday.

Comedian Bill Maher will perform his routine, which highlights the monumental stupidity of Republicans, conservative women and religious people.
I’m sure he’ll be preaching to the IU choir.

While the Bloomington community might applaud Maher’s political views, I dare people to support his shameful rhetoric against women.

Consider what he’s said about one of his favorite subjects, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her family.

In one routine, he said, “Sarah Palin agreed to do commentary at Fox News, which is actually very similar to her day job: talking to a baby with Down syndrome,” and also claims she has a “strange family of inbred weirdos.”

In the same routine, he said of Palin’s daughter, Bristol, “She fucked Levi over and over until a baby fell out.”

Concerning former Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Sarah Palin, he said, “The maverick and the MILF.”

About Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-6th District of Minnesota, and Palin, he continued, “(They’re) two bimbos.”

I call on all who think it’s wrong to use degrading discourse like Maher’s to boycott his Sunday appearance at the IU Auditorium. Demand a refund. Let IU know the Bloomington community does not approve of hate against women.

If you decide to go, don’t laugh when he engages in this sick behavior. Demand he make a public apology for his comments.

The IU Auditorium website lists Bloomington Bagel Company as a sponsor. Boycott this company and their misogyny bagels, too.

Shame on Maher for waging war on women.

Shame on IU for sponsoring women-hating comedians like Maher.


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