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Alex Carlisle

Papal foe No. 1

Relativism, practiced with the intention to encourage an understanding of the foreign and hence promote peace, actually denies peace to man when it becomes tyrannical because it does not allow him to recognize God-given truths that connect all people.

Gender studies' narrow lens

Even in literature where there are no gay people, the gender studies major will find hints of homoeroticism, and in literature where there is no misogyny this student will find the unconscious perpetuation of sexist attitudes.

Less guns, more danger

Senate Bill 97, authored by Sen. Jim Banks, R-Columbia City, died last week in Indianapolis after the Rules Committee denied it a hearing.


Maturity breeds success

A beginning step in waging a successful political protest requires having reasonable demands, or at least feasible ones. The IU occustrike movement has neither.


A speech with big promises

Reversing the breakdown of the family unit in the United States could solve huge problems, including educational underachievement and poverty, especially among minority communities.

From Occupy Wall Street to IU strikes

Sociologists at the City University of New York just released a study that examined the anatomy of the Occupy Wall Street movement — and it’s not what we saw on the news.

A question for IU’s strikers

Before the rest of us agree to join our more revolutionary colleagues in their proposed system-wide strike in April, I request they address a glaring contradiction in their preliminary list of demands.

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