Housing & Living Guide Fall 2014

Renting the right way

Renting the right way

Somewhere amid a muddle of leases and landlords, you are trying to figure out the logistics of renting. Read more

Decorating on a budget

Décor doesn't have to be expensive. Read more

Ten things we wish we knew before being on our own

Simply being out of your parents’ house is not the same thing as living on your ... Read more

Porch essentials

If you’re lucky enough to have one, you better put it to good use. Read more

Dorm life, round 2

After freshman year, students have the option to stay in the dorms on campus or move to off campus housing. Read more

Get furnished for less

Bloomington is full of places to acquire furnishings for your new house or apartment. ... Read more

Web Tools

Finding the best advice about where to live, how to get cheap books for class and ... Read more

Handful of ingredients, endless possibilities

Handful of ingredients, endless possibilities

Basic ingredients can make just about anything. Read more

Couch ban

Couches, armchairs and futons are among the traditional indoor furniture banned ... Read more

Noise laws

Regarding all reported incidents, the Bloomington Police Department abides by a ... Read more

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