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Michela Tindera

For the glory of Old IU

The history of IU’s fight song dates back to over one hundred years ago when the school’s athletic support was still growing.

Bernice Pescosolido, the chair of the 2013 Themester advisory committee

Get schooled

The College of Arts and Sciences’ annual Themester is Connectedness — sort of like this issue’s theme — see the, um, connection?

Head of Conservation James Canary shows a 15th century book he will repair at the Lilly Library .

Preserving Lilly LibrarY treasures

On the sixth floor, in a room that is precisely 68 degrees Fahrenheit with 47 percent humidity, Jim Canary is bent over a book of hours — a type of prayer book — hand-written and illustrated in the 15th century. He cleans two 600-year-old pieces of leather.

From the 1966 Arbutus yearbook:
"To end the football season, I.U.'s new mascot, the Bison, carried Jawn Purdue off to a fiery death at the Purdue Pep Rally 'Protest'."

What is a Hoosier?

Okay, we get it. No one knows what a hoosier is. But that hasn’t stopped the student body throughout the last century from defining what it could mean. From a fluffy Collie dog to a live, raging bull, here are some of IU’s mascot attempts and failures. 

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Michela Tindera

Ten years on: Allison Davies

Allison is savoring the final months of her senior year. Though she says getting off to the right start at IU was a bit rocky, she cites becoming a campus tour guide and joining her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, as huge turning points for her college experience. As a sophomore she was elected president of AXiD and led the more than 100-woman chapter for an entire calendar year. Involvement, she says, was key in making the most of her time here. And while she’s still looking for a job, she says she’s open to many different pathways, from continuing to work for the Alpha Xi Delta corporation to jobs in marketing and advertising.

Michela Tindera

Ten years on: Augustin Ruta

Augustin is a senior working his way through his last semester at IU, and he’s trying to make the most of it. He’s served as one of the faces of the IU Student Association for the past two years — first with the Big Ten administration as Chief of External Relations and this year as Chief of Staff with the Movement administration. With that experience and others as rush chair for Sigma Chi and involvement with the Kelley School of Business, he’s taken the time to reflect on what he’s learned. And though his immediate future is set: he’s starting as a management consulting associate at PwC LLP in Chicago in June. He says he doesn’t really know where he’ll be in ten years, but he’s completely okay with that.

Michela Tindera

Ten years on

The start of a new semester often brings a time for reflection on the future. What are my hopes and goals for the year? Where will I be a year from now? What will I be doing? Seven students were asked to look a bit further down the road — ten years to be exact. Each student is on the cusp of something that could change his or her life for years to come. A looming graduation, sorority recruitment, starting a new job, getting into IU, or just figuring out how to make the most out of his four years of college. They’re events many of us will face. Get to know these students. Learn where they are now, and what they hope to become. Look for more videos on idsnews.com/inside and pick up a copy of the Future issue on stands now.

Michela Tindera

Heather Duckett

Heather Duckett is a freshman living in McNutt Residence Center. But unlike the other 1700 residents living there, Heather has yet to take a class on the IU campus. She is one of 50 students who are a part of the Hoosier Link program, which offers Indiana residents the opportunity to gain admission to IU upon completion of specific coursework at Ivy Tech Community College. Students have the chance to transfer to IU either after their first semester, or, like Heather plans to, at the end of their freshman year. Living at IU she’s been able to participate in school traditions like attending football and basketball games and running in the Nearly Naked Mile, but she’s still not a part of everything here on campus. Heather is working toward her immediate goal of passing and earning 27 total credit hours so she can be officially accepted to the University, but is also working toward the goals that she hopes to achieve 10 years in the future, IU degree in hand.

Michela Tindera

Ashley Lock

Sophomore Ashley Lock is on the cusp of an event that could completely change her college experience: sorority recruitment. Going from living with a few roommates to more than 100 women is a big transition, but she said she’s ready to make the commitment. As a biology major and pre-dental student, Ashley didn’t go through rush last year because she was worried being in a sorority would get in the way of her schoolwork. She’s one of 1,700 women who rushed this year, narrowing down their own list of houses as they trekked up and down Jordan Avenue and Third Street, sometimes in high heels, for four days over winter break. She hopes that being in a sorority will provide her with a support system of women who are just as motivated as she is. She received a bid to Kappa Delta Jan. 7.

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