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STRAIGHT BIDNESS: Plax’s new name: Cheddar Bob

I was sitting in my media ethics class on Tuesday, though I wasn’t really all that awake. You can’t expect a column titled “Straight Bidness” to really embody media ethics, so I generally don’t give the most insightful input in the class. Rather than trying to figure out whether decisions are a means to an end or vice versa, (or something like that – I still don’t understand that lecture) I decided to daydream in hopes of coming up with a column idea. And then it hit me. I heard it, and it was like the angels were telling me to write this story. Someone in my class was speaking, and I heard it.

Personalities square off

Kenny Mayne describes himself with one word – unconventional. But Mayne’s “unconventional” mannerisms have gotten him to where he is today. His offbeat, dry sense of humor has been his trademark at ESPN for the past 13 years.

NFL drops the ball

The NFL has dropped the ball this season more times than Colts receivers did in their first quarter last week. This NFL season has been in shambles and none of it has to do with the players. Fines have turned the game soft, officials have made wrong calls and Vegas is suffering because of it all. This past Sunday, the second big officiating botch of the season (the first being Ed Hochuli’s forward pass mistake in Week 2) caused hundreds of thousands of dollars to change hands.

Perfect 10

As poor college students, we always look for the biggest bang for our buck. As poor college students who are diehard sports fans, finding a good steal to satisfy your sporting needs can be difficult. It’s hard for so many reasons. It’s hard because HDTV is expensive. It’s hard because there are no professional teams in Bloomington and the major IU athletic teams – that’s basketball and football for those wondering – are in minor slumps. But most importantly, it is hard because of ticket prices.

Coaching the night away

In honor of the election, I decided it was time for a change for Straight Bidness. It was time for a democracy. So, I devised a plan. I polled all my loyal readers who have sent me feedback (be it good or bad) in the past to see which of my two column ideas they would rather read. I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably sneering, “Congrats Mike. You talked to all five of your readers.” I don’t blame you for thinking that either. But you will be shocked to know that I spoke with 26 people, 23 of whom read my column on a consistent basis.

Guilty as charged

I did it. Guilty as charged. I take all the blame. It was 100 percent my fault. I know what you are thinking, and you’re wrong. No, I didn’t rob a bank. Nor did I shoot the sheriff. I didn’t even cause the IU football team to lose again. Rather, I am guilty of planning a party I should have never planned.

Wishing I could make it rain like Pacman

LAS VEGAS – Sometimes, the smartest move is to fold. That statement is extremely relevant for a lot of businesses in Las Vegas. Last week, the Indiana Daily Student sent me to Vegas for an extensive research trip for this column. Before you run to the newsroom to grab an application, let me tell you that the Indiana Daily Student didn’t pay a cent for my trip. National sports columnists don’t get top priority on budgetary concerns, and I doubt they will ever pay me a dime past the amazing weekly salary I currently rake in.

Pacers looking to score – plenty

Seventeen players. Sixteen guaranteed contracts. Fifteen available roster spots. One Jamaal Tinsley. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the 2008-09 Indiana Pacers. On Monday, the Pacers kicked off training camp with media day, when players moved station to station to take photos and give interviews.

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It’s Thursday of Little 500 week. You don’t want to read. I don’t want to write. So instead, since the NHL playoffs started Wednesday and no one is going to watch, I decided to draw you a picture of who I believe is this year’s MVP.

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