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Laura Williams

Mindful metal

Since 1987, the Swedish band Meshuggah has been inducting their listeners into some of the most intense, surreal and brash soundscapes to be concocted from a standard five-piece-band line-up.



The oft-overlooked morbid and intensely beautiful angst-rock weirdos Xiu Xiu (pronounced shoo shoo) have created yet another album worth adding to your record collection.

Husband, wife team sells harps

Early in 1977, harpist Eleanor Caulfield sat in her Vanderbilt Hotel apartment in New York City, staring out the window, trying to think of a good name for her and her husband Lee's new business.

Fort Wayne has more than meets the eye

Fort Wayne has an undeserved reputation when it comes to big-city life. Granted, it is located in the wasteland of corn stalks and soybean fields known as Northeast Indiana, which is enough to bias almost any opinion. However, Indiana's second-largest city features a more than ample range of activities that makes any college student's visit worthwhile.

Professors question Turkey's future role

Now that the United States has gained control over Iraq, neighboring countries such as Turkey are nervously awaiting the outcome of Iraqi governmental talks, and students and professors are starting to question Turkey's future role in the Middle East.

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