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Peter Chen


Fly for a white guy

From the first notes on Jim’s radiant opener “Another Day,” you’ll wish you were nodding along to it on your cranked-up car speakers on the first hot day in June. Jamie Lidell, everyone’s favorite British white knob-twiddler-turned-soul-singer, absolutely loads on the sunshine in this song, complete with handclaps and ooh-oohs, doing his best Curtis Mayfield impression in his more traditional follow-up to the spastic Multiply. Is it lampoon? Is it reverence? Who cares?

Lessons from prison

In the infamous Stanford prisoner experiment, psychologist Philip Zimbardo took a group of largely white, educated, well-to-do and politically liberal men and put them into a prison role-playing scenario with half acting as prisoners and the other half acting as guards.

What can we do?

George Stephanopoulos, respected national political reporter, defended his indefensible April 16 Democratic presidential debate moderating by suggesting that candidates should “expect” almost an hour of trivial and irresponsible hectoring from a political press bent on nabbing “gotcha!” moments. In so doing, Stephanopoulos demonstrates everything wrong with our nation’s journalism and everything we must fix.

Excited to death

Everything hinges on up-to-the-minute excitement these days. The Internet has made the new-and-improved product the forefront of what’s important in our consumer lives

Bored with war

Remember that whole Iraq War? Yeah, it’s still going on. Even if you follow the news closely, you might find it hard to believe that we are still in the grips of a never-ending war. A Pew Research

Bush, with more nuts

Many people tend to think of Sen. John McCain as a maverick. Many people think of him as a foreign policy expert. Many people think he sticks to his guns and his principles.

Up in smoke

Sen. Barack Obama smoked pot. President George W. Bush has essentially admitted to it. So have Sen. John Kerry and former President Bill Clinton. Political leanings don’t make any difference: arch

Peter Chen

The Dolly Lama

Everyone knows Dolly Parton – for her hair, her fashion, her rags-to-riches story and, of course, her breasts.

Culture shock

When a school massacre takes place like the one at Northern Illinois University, it’s easy to jump to conclusions

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