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A COVID-19 testing site is seen Feb. 8, 2022, in Gym 171 at the School of Public Health. Dr. Aaron Carroll, the chief health officer at IU and head of the university's COVID-19 policy, said he is “concerned, but not worried” about the BA.5 strain of the virus.


Arwa, 7, poses after peaking trough the window of her apartment in Redbud Hill on April 9, 2022. Her father, Ihab Mohamed, says Arwa was the first person in the family to make friends with their neighbors. The building she and her family live in is slated for demolition over the summer.


Abdul Aijaz holds his three-month-old daughter, Zohra, in his Redbud Hill apartment on March 29, 2022. Aijaz has lived in three of the buildings in IU's northeast neighborhood since he moved from Pakistan in 2014. One building has already been leveled, one is vacant and waiting to be razed,and his current building is slated for demolition.


Abdul Aijaz and Gwen Kirk, holding their four-month-old daughter Zohra, prepare for a picnic April 23, 2022. The kitchen in their Redbud Hill apartment is small, so the cooking efforts expand into the living room.


The picnic table where Ihab Mohamed tried seafood for the first time is seen March 29, 2022, in front of Redbud Hill apartments. On the wall behind it, among chalked writing in different languages, you can read his daughter's name, Arwa.


Gwen Kirk picks daffodils from an abandoned garden patch to brighten her apartment outside Banta Apartments March 31, 2022. "It's been so gray," she said. Kirk used to live in the apartments, which now sit empty awaiting demolition.


Gwen Kirk checks on her daughter Zohra, who is tucked into Kirk's jacket during a walk March 31, 2022. Kirk stands in the grassy field where Bicknell Apartments, where she lived in 2016, used to stand before its demolition in 2020.

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