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'Go to Town'

If you haven't heard of Field Music yet, you're far from alone -- their 2005 self-titled debut garnered some attention in their native Britain, but only created a minor buzz in U.S. indie circles, where it was buried under the sea of U.K. post-punk groups following in the wake of Franz Ferdinand's breakthrough (a somewhat unfair result, as the band's sound is quite distant from many of these acts -- but, more on that in a moment).

Dats takes the all the atmosphere of New Orleans restaurants and brings it to Bloomington. Photos by Ronni Moore

NOLA comes to Bloomington

Although New Orleans is more than 800 miles away, Bloomingtonians who crave Creole and Cajun-style cuisine this Mardi Gras -- or any other day -- don't have to travel far to get it. Locally owned Dats, nestled on the corner of Grant and Fourth streets, offers 32 authentic New Orleans-style dishes and the chance for patrons' taste buds to escape to the bayou without leaving town.

Barenaked Ladies are messing with you

The move to making an independent label has allowed Barenaked Ladies to have complete creative freedom in their choices for their recent release. You may remember seeing Barenaked Ladies Are Me reviewed just a few months ago and be wondering why they have another album out so soon. This is because Barenaked Ladies Are Men is the "second half" of the 29 total tracks of Barenaked Ladies Are Me.

Superman versus the studio system

Upon release, "Hollywoodland" and "The Black Dahlia" had the unfortunate circumstance of squaring off with one another with only a week's separation in theaters -- two major films about two of the biggest deaths in old Hollywood. While "Dahlia" certainly made the bigger buck at the box office, "Hollywoodland" proved to have a better payoff when it comes down to the story and performances.

This year, if you to party Mardi Gras-style, the place to be is the Bluebird.

Mardi Gras Bloomington style

Students who want to catch beads and party the night away on Fat Tuesday don't need to travel to New Orleans because they can enjoy Mardi Gras right here in Bloomington. Local bars will host live bands, change their menus and hold special promotions for the celebration.

Send this one into orbit with 'Pluto Nash'

It's been 19 years since "Coming to America," seven years since the Klumps and almost a month since Eddie Murphy earned an Oscar nomination for his role in "Dreamgirls." So, what is Murphy going to do next? Throw on a 'fro and get back to his outrageous, gross-out comedy roots with his newest flick, "Norbit."

Gondry turns good filmmaking into a 'Science'

My head hurts a bit, but don't take that as a bad sign. Michel Gondry's "The Science of Sleep" kind of blew my mind. Those familiar with Gondry's previous works such as "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" or even the various music videos he's directed, will be appropriately prepared for his unique style.

No "Conquer"ing here

Those who know about the Hydra Head label associate it with the heavy, sprawling and inventive metal music that is conducive to head banging or other equally impressive movements that will allow your extremities to flail about or shift in some sort of complementary fashion.

Pop-rockers get props from Jay-Z and Babyface

There's a kind of blissful arrogance that comes along with titling the first track on your album "Thriller" with zero hint of irony. Fall Out Boy, composed of earnest singer/guitarist Patrick Stump, impish bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz and the other two guys who get less attention, namely lead guitarist Joe Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley, embrace the idea that arrogance is bliss on their fourth LP, which is probably the best album of a young 2007 so far.

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