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Brian McFillen

“There Is No Enemy”

Building on a career’s worth of consistency

About a month ago, I argued that Yo La Tengo has demonstrated extraordinarily consistent talent throughout its career.  The same could easily be said of Built to Spill, and the band’s seventh and most recent album, “There Is No Enemy,” is no exception.

Zeros to Heroes

As the story goes, Johnny Ramone once replied to a complaint that the Ramones’ songs were too short by saying: “They’re not too short; we just play ’em real fast.”
In describing The Zero Boys’ 1982 debut album “Vicious Circle,” few words could be so apt.

The Night Goes On

After decades of scholars, music critics, parents and other assorted baby boomers hyped The Beatles as the greatest rock band of all time, it’s tempting to see their work as a museum piece to be admired from a distance, but not loved. And some of their later music fits that mold.

But not “A Hard Day’s Night.”

Chris Pickrell

Under the covers

Fists were pumping, tables were being danced upon and DayGlo plastic mugs were being raised into the air. May 8 was mug night at Jake’s Nightclub and, despite the fact that most students had left Bloomington for summer break the week before, the room was packed with people assembled to see six musicians perform the hits of Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Poison and others. In a pause between songs, Hairbangers Ball frontman Tyler Holcomb (aka "Tyler Steven") addressed the crowd.

No sleep? No problem.

The National Institutes of Health claim that one is supposed to get seven to nine hours of sleep a night – but honestly, who can afford to waste that much time? Life is short and the world is full of exciting things to do – or, at least, there are papers to be written after weeks of


On Monday, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the “madam” whose Washington, D.C., escort agency boasted clients from among the U.S. political elite, made 13 years’ worth of phone records public on her Web site.

No Summer of Love

I am so tired of reading about the Summer of Love. More specifically, I’m tired of reading fawning, nostalgia-dripping, Boomer-ego-stroking articles about the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love. “It was a magical time of free love and consciousness-altering experimentation,” you say? “It showed the power of young people to change the world,” you say? So, you say you got a revolution?

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