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50 shades of beige

I’m sure a lot of things come to mind when you hear the word “nude.” Perhaps first and foremost is a naked person.

Stop wasting time

We live in the age of the Internet, which is really cool.

Consider this a wake up call, Goodell

In the aftershock of both the startling revelations of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell is facing one of the greatest challenges to the League’s image in his six-year tenure.The TMZ bombshell that Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice did indeed punch his then-fiancée now wife Janay Palmer into unconsciousness lead to his indefinite suspension from the NFL at large.

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Product loyalty or value

Another generation of the iPhone has proven once again that Apple still reigns in the cellular technological world.Columnists Riley Zipper and Jessica Karl touched on this within the last few weeks, with different reviews of

The ISIS truth

Edgar HaroSeniorBiologyColumn Tag: Haro-ing TalesLocal political figures and media have been vigilantly involved in vocalizing the international concern over the unbelievably twisted spectacle shaking the Middle East known as ISIS.Sadly, it’s disappointing how they’ve all forgotten to mention a crucial detail that can significantly widen our perspectives on this crisis.Let me start off by saying that it’s incredibly dishonest how our leaders have proceeded to act stunned at ISIS’s swift military gains over the past nine months.

Elderly education

Everyone in college today knows the burden of student loans.

Throw what you know

With the start of a new school year, a new set of preconceived notions and their accompanying judgements towards one of the many facets of my life as a student have begun to rear their ugly heads. Everything from someone’s sunglasses to shoes to speaking voice factors into their assessment, but it seems to me that one item sure to draw quick attention - and quick assumptions - is the presence of Greek letters on a student’s apparel.

Surprise, millennials are different

We tend to get a lot of flak as a generation for our hook-up mentality. Everywhere I go, I hear people saying that us youths don’t like to settle down anymore.

Group proves hard to ignore

It has come to my attention that the Traditional Youth organization has stuck their slimy bigoted heads out of the mud once again.

Smart watch or product botch

In our world, there’s a clear divide between people who wear watches and people who don’t.

The need for autonomy

I was browsing the news when I stumbled upon 3 month old article in The Washington Post on sexual assault on college campuses.

Pence's budget means luxury chairs

As a student who both studies and works in the political science realm, barely a day goes by where I don’t witness Indiana Republicans cramming budget surpluses down the throats of any person who is brave enough to listen.

Who's really to blame

Whether you’re always glued to your phone or find yourself endlessly refreshing Twitter, chances are you’ve heard about the leaked photos of various female celebrities this past weekend.An unidentified hacker accessed the iCloud accounts of Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Kate Upton and several others and posted private nude photographs of the female actresses on the Web.

Now trending: high-waisted misogyny, a blog about college life, recently posted an article titled, “Why Girl Should Stop Wearing High-Waisted Shorts.”The article was posted on my newsfeed by many female friends, all of

Internet safety

When hackers stole nude photos of celebrities this past weekend, it was a crime of theft.

Trash in the news

As a student who is looking to build a career in the art of journalism, I must say I’m extremely disappointed. No, this isn’t another 700-word word rant on the closing of the IU School of Journalism.

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