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Pass the FairTax

Shutting down the IRS completely and getting rid of income tax is the solution.

Are you prepared?

I create frameworks for the CIA that catch unavoidable dangers to our national security from terrorists, rival countries, and shortcomings prowling inside our economy.
I'm venturing forward today in light of the fact that my group and I have revealed an arrangement of disturbing flags that indicate a quick approaching, 70% securities exchange crash.

Also we have started to get ready for an unstoppable $100 trillion American emergency that will be unleashed in its repercussions.

Sadly, our administration has effectively authorized measures for this nearing disaster too.

Education and affordability

Education is the ultimate opportunity for social mobility and personal prosperity. A quality education can empower and enlighten in a way paralleled by none.

letter: Republican revival

With the conclusion of Louisiana’s senatorial election runoff this past Saturday, the 2014 midterm cycle has officially come to a close.

Do away with minimum wage laws

Isn’t it interesting that we think that some government entity can best decide what is the appropriate minimum wage for every organization in the country.

Dear people who question Jackie

With regards to the Rolling Stone article about UVA - what is now up for debate: Whether Drew was a member of the fraternity. Whether Drew was a lifeguard. Whether the fraternity had a social event on the books that night. Some other inconsistencies in Jackie's story My responses, in order: Why does this matter if it occurred at the fraternity and included other fraternity members?

Open letter of support for the Black Student Union at IU-Bloomington

We stand with the people around the country calling for justice and racial equality in American society.  Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel once said, “the opposite of good is not evil, the opposite of good is indifference.” He said this to wake up the masses during the Civil Rights Movement to bring people to their feet and combat racial inequality.

The state as stay Puft Marshmallow Man

I’m usually pretty optimistic about the day after tomorrow — I’ve been dismissed more than once as a techno-utopian — but sometimes when I get depressed by NSA surveillance, drones, and the corporate state’s manufactured aura of inevitability, I need a story to cheer me up.

A step forward in countering global warming

Global-warming talks in Paris next year have a better chance of reaching a productive conclusion now that the two biggest economies in the world, which also happen to be the two biggest climate polluters, have promised to curb greenhouse gases dramatically by 2030.  But the questions other nations will be asking as they analyze the forward-looking agreement reached by President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping are exactly how they intend to achieve these ambitious goals and, indeed, whether they will be able to carry out their promises.  The latter question applies especially to Obama, who already faces opposition to the deal from Republican lawmakers, who will soon control both houses of Congress.

Why education reform cannot work

Think of our schools as a horse and buggy – it worked well in a different time, but times have changed.

The battle vs. the war

Dear Democrats,We took some hits in yesterday’s (November 4, 2014)

Is Obama still relevant?

“Today I had a chance to speak with John Boehner and congratulated Mitch McConnell on becoming the next Senate majority leader,” President

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