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LETTER: "No fly, no buy" harms us all

Earlier this month, Congressional Democrats conducted a sit-down protest on the floor of the House of Representatives in order to advocate for gun control following the shooting in Orlando, Florida.

LETTER: In response to "Indiana abortion law harms education"

In an editorial article published in the June 6th Indiana Daily Student, entitled “Indiana abortion law harms education,” the student editors claim this law compromises and infringes upon “Education at a secular, government-funded university,” by “one particular religious ideology.” They imply that this “religious ideology” is Christianity, later stating “America is not a Christian nation.”  In a Gallup poll conducted in January of this year  (, 46% of those polled consider themselves pro-life.

LETTER: New arts leader named

I have always had a special affinity for art in places where art “isn’t supposed to be.” Certainly, most of us enjoy an afternoon browsing a gallery or museum, but there is something really nice about finding art in unexpected places.

LETTER: War on drugs

The War on Drugs is something we have all grown up hearing over and over.


Nobody cares about IUSA anymore. The average voting rate for the student body is now at less than 15%, and the voting ballot is now even easily accessible online.

Letter: The Pro-life movement is Pro-women

The late Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, a feminist and an accomplished American historian wrote in her article, Abortion: A War on Women that the legalization of abortion begins as a war on women because not only does it break the “binding tie between women and the children they conceive” but also because “it tells them that in order to be worthy, they must become like men...which effectively means securing freedoms from their bodies and, especially, from children.”  In her article, The Feminist Case Against Abortion, Serrin M.

Letter: Combatting sexual assault

April 20, 2016 Culture of Care and IUSA join Union Board in the following:  As student organizations directly involved with programming and promoting Little 500 weekend, student events, and campus culture, we are deeply saddened to learn of the series of rapes reported this weekend.

Letter: Re: “Hillary Clinton has no soul”

IDS opinion columnist Therin Showalter has no brain – or at least, that’s what one might write of his scorching hot takes on Hillary Clinton using the same argumentative finesse employed in his two 500-word Reddit comments mysteriously published in the Indiana Daily Student. I understand there are people who have legitimate policy differences with Hillary Clinton.

Letter: James Benedict's photo & Erica Gibson's story re. Slut Walk, 'Feminism Matters'

While I commend IDS staff for a provocatively impactful front page layout for the April 22 issue of the print edition of the Indiana Daily Student , I have observed the problematic juxtaposition of James Benedict’s photograph with its accompanying caption for Erica Gibson’s story “Feminism Matters: Slut Walk protests rape culture and promotes changing the perception of consent.” Specifically, the caption beginning, “Students gather in Dunn Meadow to listen to Lisa Kwong before marching on Kirkwood Avenue during the Slut Walk on Thursday ,” would normally call for a photograph featuring Lisa Kwong, an adjunct professor at the IUB Department of English.  Contrary to reader expectation, however, the image of Professor Kwong in the Benedict photograph is out-of-focus and barely perceptible behind the large all-caps lettering that reads ‘Feminism Matters.’ At the same time, the major in-focus image is that of an unidentified white woman whose back recalls a whiteboard on which is inscribed “Consent is Sexy Mandatory.”  While a semantic equivalence based on identify politics can be constructed between the two women in the photograph, both the photograph and the caption are nevertheless problematic due to their inherent threat of reinscribing stereotypes concerning Asian-American invisibility and marginality.  Furthermore, the photograph and the caption jointly devalue the discursive authority of Asian American faculty while persistently giving feminism a white face.

Letter: Paying for my music

The recent death of Dave Baker brought up a lot of feelings in me besides the sadness of his passing.

Letter: Waltzing to Congress

During the past campaign season, I had a chance to get to meet all of the candidates currently running to be Indiana’s ninth district’s Congressman.

Letter: Send in the Marine

I have spent the past three years at IU studying politics. During my time there I was able to meet, work with, and campaign for Congressman Todd Young.

Letter: Choosing a major

A bright ambitious student the other day asked what she could do with an econ major. To her, the path to a good career seemed more clear cut with a degree from a professional school.

Letter: Single-sex facilities

I was recently in a discussion regarding Indiana Senate Bill 35, which criminalizes using the wrong gendered bathroom.


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