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Letter: Trump's violent bullying

In light of the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels and Pakistan, I can’t help but notice all the chaos, and more importantly hatred, that seems to be running rampant through the veins of our troubled society.

Letter: In support of Rick Dietz for County Commissioner

As a career advisor at IU, I can verify that when it comes to hiring, experience matters. We coach students to prepare for the jobs they want through academic pursuits and relevant hands-on experiences.

Letter: Minors in the sex trade

On March 9, 2016, the IDS report on a minor arrested for prostitution glossed the front page. It may have seemed to many readers that Bloomington Police Department Capt. Kellams’ response to helping this particular individual was acceptable and heroic. Nothing could be further from the truth.

LETTER: Happy birthday Obamacare

Six years after passing the Affordable Care Act, more than 20 million Americans have gained health insurance coverage

Letter: To those who vandalized ISNA: I’m sorry.

Early Sunday morning, three suspects were seen spray painting vulgar images and racist references on the wall of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) in Plainfield, Indiana.

LETTER: On recovering with hallucinogens

I will start out by saying that I am a person in long term recovery, and for me this means that I haven’t consumed alcohol or used drugs in over two and a half years.

LETTER: Ball at the Hall - Lack of coverage

I am dismayed and perplexed at the lack of interest you have given to the incredible philanthropy event that Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity hosted on February 24, 2016, Ball at  the Hall.  For the last few months you have reported on the negative developments concerning Sigma Alpha Mu.

LETTER: Illinois politics meets Adam Smith

Your editorial, "Chicago State is Falling Apart", should be rewritten as "Illinois Politics Meets Adam Smith." A university system is no different than a business enterprise.

LETTER: In defense of student government

Today, the Indiana University Resident Hall Association (RHA) will vote on multiple bills that will act to limit student input to RHA as well as further neuter the organization’s campus influence.

Letter: For All

When interviewed for this article, I was asked how the For All campaign would benefit the organizations I represent.

LETTER: Evidence of a bigger problem

IDS Editorial Staff, The below letter to the editor is regarding the, "Beyonce draws style from a hate group" column: "Mr. Anderson's recent column clearly cherry-picked facts in an attempt to either distort the history of the Black Panther Party or merely to incite controversy (maybe both?). And many IU faculty, staff, and other students are better equipped than I am to defend the BPP's history and mission.  But to me, Mr.Anderson's ignorance, willful or not, is part of a bigger problem here.

LETTER: The history of the Black Panthers

Dear Mr. Anderson,  I’m sorry that you feel as if Beyonce’s Half-Time performance was an inappropriate example to America’s black community.  As an African-American woman who grew up in a south suburb of Chicago, I think I am well versed in the “Black community” as you put it.

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