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Friday, May 17
The Indiana Daily Student

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LETTER: Indiana deserves better than Holcomb-Crouch

While reading through the IDS online yesterday, I read an opinion column titled, “The Holcomb-Crouch ticket is the way forward for Indiana.” I appreciate and respect opinions, as they provide the foundation for conversation, but I also feel we only grow if we challenge them.

Respectfully, Mr. Aranyi’s column read like a sophomoric partisan biography.

“Together, I believe this ticket makes an excellent team.”

Eric Holcomb was not chosen by the people, but by a group of 22 GOP party officials. After running third in the Republican primary for Senate, he replaced then-Lt. Gov. Sue Ellsperman and is currently running for governor. The Holcomb/Crouch ticket sounds more like a deal than a team.

“Together, they possess nuanced insight into Indiana: the people, the economy, and the recipe for success in our state.”

Understandable, but where can I find example of this insight? I’ve checked their website and I see no specific policy and no clear vision for Indiana let alone a recipe. Perhaps their plan is so “nuanced” it’s not even available to the public? Looking at “the bio,” it seems as if Lt. Gov. Holcomb has only worked within the Republican Party, so how has he displayed “nuanced insight” if he’s running on the record of Governor Daniels and Governor Pence? In this time of severe partisanship, how does he plan on dealing with people who disagree?

“This is a team that understands the problems facing Hoosiers and understand that the policies implemented have a real impact on the people they represent.”

Again, where are the policies? Hoosiers have slid from 34th to 38th in per capita income. Sure, unemployment is low, but the average Hoosier family makes $7,000 per year less than the average American family. In terms of problems facing Hoosiers, what about RFRA? Lt. Gov Holcomb has publically stated his agreement with the law saying, “Governor Pence struck a good balance.” There is no balance when it comes to the lack of civil rights. What about the people in East Chicago, what has the state done to help with the debilitating lead problem?

“Moving forward, this team is best equipped to lead Indiana forward.”

How can we move forward with leadership that accepts Abortion Bill 1337 and refuses to accept Syrian refugees who have been thoroughly vetted?

Feel how you want and share your thoughts, but this platform deserves more than an uninformed opinion. The people of this state deserve leaders who have outlined specifics regarding moving Indiana forward, not just another politician carrying this state because of the R in front of his name.

Samantha Yaros, Bloomington

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