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Sunday, Dec. 10
The Indiana Daily Student

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LETTER: Response from a regular reader

I am a regular reader of the online edition of the Indiana Daily Student and frequently read the editorials — most of which I vehemently disagree with the positions taken by the student editors. Much has changed on the old IU campus in the intervening years since I entered as a freshman in 1965. I would like to believe that change has been for the better but such a statement would be a falsehood on my part.

Long gone are the days of “panty raids” and “green-baggers,” and to read the editorials they have been replaced with “who even wears panties anymore” and “politically correct baggage.” There definitely exists a place in our society for truth instead of situational ethics that change like the seasons of the year. Just because a person does not believe something should not, and does not, make that “something” not so or untrue.

I sincerely hope that many students on the Bloomington IU Campus do not give total credence to the activism of such groups that seek to divide our nation in order to secure so-called rights that many already possess. Most experts will tell you that teenagers and younger college students do not yet possess fully developed brains. Using some of the editorials concerning sex, gender, non-specific gender, certain lives matter but not others and liberal specific positions it would seem that they are seeking to earn a MM degree —“mental midget degree.”

Perhaps some of these same minds will one day mature and begin to allow for diverse ideas without condemning them at face value. Perhaps my view of my old alma mater is not accurate. If it is accurate i remain proud of my two degrees earned at a time when free thinking was permitted and not shouted down by those whose statements are often in error and subject to perverse reasoning.

Rolla B. Hendrickson, Jr.

Lake Park, GA (formerly of Indiana)

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