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Saturday, Dec. 2
The Indiana Daily Student

opinion letters

LETTER: In response to "Indiana abortion law harms education"

In an editorial article published in the June 6 Indiana Daily Student, entitled “Indiana abortion law harms education,” the student editors claim this law compromises and infringes upon “Education at a secular, government-funded university,” by “one particular religious ideology.”

They imply this “religious ideology” is Christianity, later stating “America is not a Christian nation.”

In a Gallup poll conducted in January of this year (, 46 percent of those polled consider themselves pro-life.

In another poll (, almost half (49 percent) of those polled think abortion is morally wrong.

Twenty-five percent of those polled claiming no religious affiliation think similarly.

A Marist poll ( shows that nearly 81 percent of respondents, including a majority of those who consider themselves pro-choice, support “substantial abortion restrictions.”

A Fox News poll conducted in February 2015 showed that 49 percent of respondents preferred the use of fetal tissue be stopped. And “48 percent approve vs. 47 percent disapprove” of research for deadly diseases.

According to the above referenced polls, these “extremists” compromise nearly half of Americans and include the non-religious, who undoubtedly hold to “secular standards.”

The editors state: “... researchers never use whole fetuses at any stage in their viability...” The editors are right.

What is used, referred to with the seemingly innocuous phrase “fetal tissue,” is in reality human body parts; the head, brains, eyes, livers, kidneys, from aborted unborn children, obtained literally by tearing their bodies apart.

Finally, the editorial board pits “the lives of actual human beings” against a “small package of embryos,” inferring that embryos are not really actual human beings.

Do they not realize that they all started their lives as embryos?

As this law proclaims, every person has value, the same value afforded to university students and all others, regardless of race, religion, age, size, location, sex, level of development or degree of dependency.

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