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Saturday, Dec. 9
The Indiana Daily Student

opinion letters

Letter to the editor #2

I’m a Bloomington technology entrepreneur, and I’m voting for a third-party presidential candidate. Dr. Jill Stein is the Green party candidate, and Gov. Gary Johnson is the Libertarian party candidate.

Stein has my vote, but I’m also happy that others are voting for Gary Johnson and thereby abandoning the Republican and Democratic 

Let me share why I’m voting for Stein and why I do not buy into the reciprocal demonization narrative that feeds “lesser of two evils” voting.

A key factor in this race is that there are two “third” parties in this election, not just one.

If Stein attracts voters who would otherwise vote for Clinton, Johnson and his running mate William Weld ­­­— two former Republican governors — may plausibly take Republican voters. Two third parties have the potential to flip the vote, not spoil the vote.

As a former teacher, I’m deeply concerned about millennials who are burdened by student debt. Stein is the only candidate who will remove current and future student debt ­— without Congress, through the 
Federal Reserve.

Let’s bail out the students like we bailed out the big banks.

Recently, the Indiana Daily Student has written about the rise of third-party candidates.

Why is support for third parties increasing?

There are many specific reasons, but the underlying reason may be that the Republican and Democratic parties are corrupt.

The Republican and Democratic parties are now minority parties, and new movements and parties are going to step into this 

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