Charlie Patton's War and Kentucky Knife Fight at the Bishop

By brancook
Published Mar 24, 2014 9:09 pm

Kentucky Knife Fight; The Bishop

Tuesday, 9:30 PM;


Since 2005, the St Louis-based quintet Kentucky Knife Fight has been steadily carving its niche in the grittier subsections of Americana and blues. Punk, alt rock, and bluegrass combine in a sound that oozes with sultry, riff-heavy dueling guitars and vocals charred and cracked like the walls of a cheap motel. "Hush Hush," the band's latest album, is a ten-piece suite that introduces listeners to a host of characters just long enough to make the encounter uncomfortable--there are seedy cross dressers, criminal fathers, and families slowly fracturing. Kentucky Knife Fight will open for the blues-rock quartet Charlie Patton's War.

Post by Brandon Cook

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