Johnnyswim to play the Bluebird

By brancook
Published Feb 10, 2014 7:35 pm

Johnnyswim; The Bluebird

Tuesday, 8:00 PM

Having been featured by such chic fashion icons as Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton, and Vogue, The Nashville folk and blues duo Johnnyswim seems to have done the impossible--make a husband/wife duo, one that originally met in Sunday school and that have disco origins, hip. Amanda Sudano, youngest daughter of the late, great diva Donna Summer, and Abner Ramirez formed the group after Sudano took a songwriting class held by Ramirez. It must have been a good class; the two were married shortly thereafter. If this cute origins story isn't enough, these performers offer just about everything else you like to see in an emerging ensemble: memorable melodies, strong duet vocals, and compelling songwriting. The lyrics are sung with the sultry passion of, well, a young couple in love, and reflect the duo's own search for meaningful companionship: "So just keep waiting, your hand is fading./ Yeah, I know it's raining but the sun's still shining high."

Yeah, I know it might be snowing, but these two will still be stopping by.

With Brave Baby and Oh No Fiasco, tomorrow night at the Bluebird.

Post by Brandon Cook

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