Diarrhea Planet plays the Bishop

By brancook
Published Feb 21, 2014 12:05 pm

Diarrhea Planet; The Bishop

12:00 AM

10$ cover

If the words "party hard" or "shred gnar" have any place in your lexicon, then you need to check out Nashville punks Diarrhea Planet and Those Darlins. You can expect to have your hair blown back by the four guitar, pop-punk shred-fest, who in August released their second LP, "I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams." Sure, a cursory Google of Diarrhea Planet's discography doesn't yield too much, but their live shows are legendary. Hair-metal guitar heroics will undoubtedly ensue, as will Andrew W.K. style antics and Sonic Youth-inspired walls of guitar feedback. Fellow Nashville rockers Those Darlins will open the show with a mix of punk and garage rock. The band also had an eventful 2013; their third LP, "Blur the Lines," was called by SPIN magazine a "modern classic," and was produced by indie-rock legend Roger Moutenot.

Post by Bryan Brussee

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