The Bishop; Dead Beach

Tuesday; Midnight

5$ cover

There's a lot to be said for the solid, lo-fi garage rock band. The sound has a messy, jarring honesty--it has its roots in blues, after all--that's ideal for either pounding down the dregs of another pint glass, or another hangover headache. But for all its party-centric lyrics and emphasis on pot, Dead Beach, just in time for its LAST SHOW EVER, has managed to evolve beyond the simple hedonism they mock in a tune like "Party" to begin grasping at a much more real, much more adult regret. "All Fucked Up," the closer to Dead Beach's self-titled EP, poses that regret against the same booze-soaked atmosphere of "Party," weighing down a hopeless optimism: "Think everything/ will be alright" and then countering it with the devastatingly forward chorus: "You fucked up little boy/ You fucked up little girl/ You're all fucked up". What a shame we're only getting the perspective one more day; but at least it's one more day you can decide not to regret later.

With the Brooklyn-based psychedelic, fuzz garage punks Mad Doctors.

Post by Brandon Cook

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