Laser Background plays the Bishop

By brancook
Published Apr 18, 2013 9:43 pm

Laser Background; The Bishop

Friday, 8 PM

"Pop Candy Dream Magic Psych" are just a few of the surprisingly apt descriptions that could be applied to the Philly band Laser Background; taking the wonderful tune "Mystery Airplane Girl" (from their self-titled EP) for example, heavily accented second and fourth beats of the percussion and guitar, played in a freewheeling, almost aloof, style, lend the music its 'pop' while the other terms could describe the casual mania of noodling instruments in tunes such as "We Trust." This all being said, Laser Background is capable of having a balance between experimental fun and maturity (the strangely morose song "Pinwheels" for instance). You'll get it all when you make it out to the Bishop tomorrow night.

Post by Brandon Cook

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