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Thursday, Feb. 29
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COLUMN: Farmogic review: tasting foods from IU student-owned grocery delivery company


Last May, Former IU student Nick Willham founded the company Farmogic to make local produce and grass-fed meat easily accessible. He gathered his closest friends to share the impacts of grass-fed farms by delivering the most nutrient dense food right to people’s doorstep.  

For many college students, it can be difficult to learn how to grocery shop for yourself. Buying food that’s easy to make, healthy for you and tastes good isn’t always simple. But Farmogic, a local grocery delivery brand, is working to change that. Farmogic sources its ingredients – beef, pork and dairy products – from local farms around Indiana. I can confidently say that Farmogic’s products are enjoyable to eat and supply balanced sources of fiber and protein in a person’s diet. 

I recently got the chance to try some of the brand’s signature products, here’s what I thought: 

I first tasted their Finnochiona salami that comes from MKONO farm, located in Monroe County. This salami is made with pinot noir wine, fennel and garlic. I personally love the taste of fennel seeds in salami because they create a lasting Italian flavor that doesn’t overpower the taste of the meat. I really enjoyed the Finnochiona salami, it was thick but still easy to bite into and there wasn’t an overly spicy aftertaste. The salami is gluten free as well and has no nitrates added, which reduces risks of cancer and other health complications. One package of salami costs $20, which may seem like a lot to a college student, but the large portion size will last you a long time. The package also includes a barcode that you can scan with your phone, and it will lead you right to the Farmogic website, where you can read a description of the product.

I also tried a burger that was made with grass-fed beef from Hayes Grass-Fed Beef Farm. Their farm is located near Stanford, Indiana. Their animals are put on a strict grass-fed diet, which creates a better taste in the beef. There are no hormones or antibiotics added and it’s a free-range pasture. Their website offers meat bundles that start at $73.99, but you can purchase a pound of grass-fed beef for $5.80. The burger was lean and non-greasy, so after I’d finished, I didn’t have that uncomfortable fast-food feeling. Instead, I felt satisfied and full from the healthy source of protein. 

I ended my taste test by trying Farmogic’s organic blueberry yogurt from Twilight Dairy, located in Rockville, Indiana. I always add fruit and granola on top of my daily yogurt bowl, but I didn’t feel like anything needed to be added when I tried the Twilight Dairy blueberry yogurt. The yogurt is moderately sweetened and also has no added hormones or antibiotics, which creates an all-natural flavor. You can purchase a container of their vanilla or blueberry yogurt online for $7. While many yogurt brands like to add in either too much sugar or leave a sour aftertaste, I didn’t taste that at all.  

Farmogic does everything made to order, meaning that they will pick up the needed amount from the vendor and hand deliver it right to the consumer.  

“We love this model because it ensures what the customer is getting is as fresh as they could get it!” Co-founder Jonathan Frazier said in a text message.  

To explore more information, visit Farmogic’s website 

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