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Saturday, June 15
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COLUMN: Halloween costumes for film lovers


Halloween season is upon us. I crave Halloween on a level unlike any other. Escaping my daily drone of navy blues and white “classic” outfits (I’m trying to not look back at college fashion with deep regret) and entering my “I can be whoever I want to be” era. In the least pretentious way possible, I want to celebrate my love for film and honor it the best I can. 

From the scary to the nostalgic, I’ve put together a list of costume ideas for those who wish to pay homage to screen icons.  

Cher Horowitz from “Clueless” 

Readers, let me be real with you for a second; I was Cher Horowitz twice in high school, and this year, she's coming back. This is an easy nod to the loveable Beverly Hills teen and to ‘90s fashion in general.  

You can choose to rock the iconic yellow plaid or go for her black and white gym ensemble. I won’t be resurrecting my side part, but a big supermodel off-duty blow out hairstyle pairs perfectly with the look. Even if you don’t have a high-tech matching closet, you can still put together your “most capable-looking outfit!” If Cher isn’t totally your vibe, check out Dionne, Tai or Amber for inspiration!  At the end of the day, “never accept a first offer” and pick the ‘90s-nod that feels right for you! 

Patrick Bateman from “American Psycho” 

I promise this is my final costume recommendation I’ve already dressed up in. Although I was asked by a wide array of men if I actually knew who my costume was (and indeed, I actually did), I can’t help but share this idea with any film lover. “American Psycho” has become a cult classic due to its dark humor and social commentary. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing any Armani for this one, but Goodwill always has a wide selection of inexpensive suit jackets.  

For anyone who enjoys getting gory with their costumes, Patrick Bateman’s blood splattered look allows you to experiment a little. So, grab your favorite clear raincoat, your Walkman (which I know is a long shot), and FAKE (emphasis on fake) blood, and get ready to turn heads. 

The Bride from “Kill Bill: Volume 1” 

Kill Bill isn’t just an impeccable song by SZA. Quentin Tarantino’s film is the ultimate revenge story. Maybe you have been scorned by someone this year or maybe you are enamored by the sheer star power Uma Thurman possesses — whatever the reason, the Bride’s yellow jumpsuit is the perfect costume.  

The film represents a rollercoaster of emotions with powerful adrenaline-pumping scenes. I recall my July 2021 Letterboxd review, which simply read, “Good for her.”  I’m not sure where to find a giant samurai sword, but I’m sure you readers will find a way! Dressing up as “The Bride” will let you channel your inner vengeance and will surely give you “bloody satisfaction.” 

Ken from “Barbie” 

Readers, you are kenough! This costume belongs to my second favorite Ken (right behind Kendall Roy). I want to issue an official thank you to the one and only Greta Gerwig for this adaptation. Yes, I was there opening night. Yes, I wore the only pink outfit I own. Yes, I bought more pink outfits after the screening.  

There are too many options for this one: Beach Ken, Cowboy Ken, Rollerblade Ken, and my favorite, Mojo Dojo Casa House Ken. With the Barbie craze dying down, I am itching for another influx of campy pink outfits in my life. If your job is strictly “beach,” or if you want to rock a pair of leather fingerless gloves with a giant fur coat in a sort of socially acceptable way, Ken is your guy. These costumes will bring the “kenergy” to any Halloween gathering. Just make sure you have at least two pairs of sunglasses at all times, in case Barbie needs one! 

As the Halloween season rears its head, embrace the opportunity to transform. May this Halloween be a celebration of all things cinema! 

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