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Friday, May 17
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COLUMN: Four best Bloomington coffee spots for when you’re on a budget


The life of a broke college student can be hard, especially for those who love going out to eat. You don’t always want to make coffee at home, but you also don’t always want to pay $7 for a small iced latte. Here’s a list of some budget-friendly spots around Bloomington to get your caffeine fix.  

Morgenstern’s Bookstore & Cafe 

This combined bookstore and café offers a simple but affordable selection of coffee, tea and pastries. Not only do they have decent prices, but they also offer a cozy atmosphere. It’s not too quiet for a bookstore, and there is plenty of seating to stay a while and study. My favorite drink to order at Morgenstern’s is a small latte with skim milk for $4. I like to keep my drinks simple at Morgenstern’s because they know how to make a simple coffee taste amazing. They offer great service, and they even have a gluten free section. Morgenstern’s is worth the visit if you’re looking for a good coffee to sip on during a study session.  

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Crumble Coffee and Bakery 

This coffee spot offers a great variety of coffee drinks, including a handful of fun drinks that I would only want to order at Crumble. I love ordering their cold brew because it is under $4.00, and they give me the perfect size. They also have many tea options to choose from as well as Italian sodas. If you’re hungry too, they offer a delicious section of baked goods as well. I rarely leave this café without a pastry in my hand.  

Hopscotch Coffee & Kitchen  

While Hopscotch has more of a restaurant vibe, it’s still a lovely place to sit down and chat with a friend. I love going to Hopscotch just for coffee. Their coffee menu is smaller, but they give you good portions for a decent price. They especially like to emphasize their double shot lattes, and they don’t charge extra for a milk substitute other than oat milk. Their small Iced Latte is under $5, though I typically like to order from their “House Faves” coffee specials since they are usually cheaper than their normal latte drinks. I love trying their seasonal flavors, and you can even try their new Jack-O-lantern latte, which includes vegan pumpkin butter, espresso and your choice of milk.  

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Blu Boy Chocolate Café and Cakery 

The environment and staff at Blu Boy always make me feel comfortable. This spot offers some of the best tasting coffee for a fair price. I love going there when I am in the mood for a sweet and savory coffee drink; this fall I am loving their Caramel Apple latte. The drink is made with apple pie syrup, caramel syrup, espresso and milk, and it’s topped off with their house-made salted caramel sauce with whipped cream. A cheap latte is hard to find these days, although you can order most drinks at Blu Boy for under $4 and the price never exceeds $6. While it is mainly a dessert shop, Blu Boy serves rich, locally roasted coffee sourced from Brown County. I highly recommend trying Blu Boy for a cheap but sweet coffee. 

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