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Saturday, April 20
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Change in Bloomington city code to allow vehicles with six unpaid citations to be towed


A new provision allowing vehicles with six or more unpaid citations to be towed will go into effect June 12. The change comes after Bloomington city council approved the new provision to the city code last year, according to Indiana Public Media.  

According to the City of Bloomington's Common Council, owners of vehicles that have been towed must show proof that all parking citations have been paid for before their vehicle will be released from towing services. These towing services include Chandlers Towing Service, Hawkins Towing and Recovery, Ken’s Westside Service and Towing and Rick’s Towing.  

Bloomington resident and former IU student Madelyn Powers believes the change will not encourage people to pay their tickets.  

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“Towing someone’s car and forcing them to pay for the retrieval of their car isn’t going to make them pay for their outstanding tickets any faster,” Powers said. “What's the point?”  

Bloomington parking services will notify drivers who currently have six or more unpaid citations via email and U.S. mail before June 12.  

When parking enforcement issues a fifth citation, enforcement will also notify the vehicle owner of a tow warning with a neon green “Immediate Action Required Notification” card. 

IU student Jayma Hayes believes that parking, parking passes and tickets in Bloomington are too expensive to justify adding this provision to the city code.  

“In Bloomington as a college student, it is already pricey enough to park. Personally, I think the parking policies in Bloomington already are a mess” Hayes said. “I think it will affect not only the city’s residents but future residents and incoming students.”

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According to Bloomington city code, the maximum amount that an accredited towing service will charge for services will not go over $135 unless special treatment or storage of vehicles stored per day is needed. The special treatment and storage per day may not surpass $25.  

Information on Bloomington's towing service and what to do if a vehicle gets towed can be found here.  

Drivers can view personal citations here.  

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