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Monday, April 15
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COLUMN: The Lemon Twigs’ recent album brings new sounds to indie rock


The Lemon Twigs are a Long Island-based band made up of brothers Michael and Brian D’Addario. Since their debut album in 2016, “Do Hollywood,” the band has been praised for their work by a multitude of artists including Elton John and Questlove.  

The Lemon Twigs’ newest album, "Everything Harmony,” is a culmination of the distinct sound they’ve been developing since the start of their career. 

“Everything Harmony” is reminiscent of 60s and 70s pop-rock, with some subtle glam rock and folk influences. The remarkable thing about The Lemon Twigs is how their sound resembles that of bands like The Beach Boys and The Turtles, while still maintaining an original sound of their own.  

The album explores the theme of reflection while experiencing the joys and sorrows of life. The D’Addario brothers write their songs in a way that invites listeners into their stories of love and self-discovery. Their way of storytelling feels deeply personal. 

The first track titled “When Winter Comes Around,” is a seemingly gentle introduction to the album, establishing the band’s distinct use of harmony and skillful guitar picking. The song showcases the high quality of production early in the album, with a roaring chorus of sound breaking up the middle.  

The vocal range of the D’Addario brothers is one of the most noticeable qualities of the album. The track, “Corner of My Eye,” is sung in a considerably higher range than the track titled “I Don’t Belong to Me.”  

This variability showcases part of what makes The Lemon Twigs a force in Indie Rock music; not only are they talented musicians, but their vocals are incomparable to any other artist today.  

While much of the album features chill, acoustic pieces, there are still high-energy, rock-influenced songs sprinkled throughout. The song “What Happens to a Heart,” is a power ballad with musical similarities to the style of Magical Mystery Tour, giving a look into the band’s influences of psychedelic and glam rock.  

The Lemon Twigs have a unique capability to put feelings into words in a deeply personal way, which is displayed in a number of songs on this album. The track titled “Still It’s Not Enough,” is just one example of this, as the song describes the sense of feeling like what you’re doing doesn’t amount to anything.  

In the song, the D’Addario brothers write, “Nothing was ever enough / In the streets, in the bar / I’m the heavyweight champion / Still, it’s not enough”.  

Coming just in time for summer, this album is fresh in its production, lyricism and sound, while still maintaining a timeless rock style. It will be interesting to see the ways in which the band continues to evolve. The Lemon Twigs are currently on tour internationally for “Everything Harmony.”  

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