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Sunday, Feb. 25
The Indiana Daily Student


Funny 501 student-run comedy festival to take place April 7-8


Six different IU comedy groups will perform at Funny 501, a free comedy festival, at 7 p.m. April 7-8 at Ballantine Hall in room 013.  

The lineup includes a mixture of comedy sketch groups and improv troupes — including Ladies’ Night Comedy, Midnight Snack Comedy, Backdoor Comedy, The University tWits, Boy in the Bubble and Full Frontal Comedy.  

Kyle Rassel, an IU sophomore studying marketing and professional sales, will perform with Full Frontal Comedy on April 8. He said the improv troupe has been working on shortening their typically hour-long performance to fit the format of Funny 501. 

“For us, it really comes down to working on our short-form games,” Rassel said. “Since this is part of a festival, we’ll be performing for 30 minutes.”  

A big part of preparing for the festival has been promoting the event, Rassel added. A team of comedians from the different comedy groups have worked together to organize the festival.  

“There’s definitely a reasonably-sized group of people making a lot of decisions in terms of setting up the schedule, advertising and what we want it to look like,” Rassel said. “This week especially, we’ve tried really hard to publicize on social media.” 

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Funny 501 has been promoting this year’s festival on its Instagram account. This week, different comedy groups have posted about themselves on the account in an effort to garner excitement for the event and advertise its participants. 

Adam Longstreth, an IU sophomore studying economic consulting and public policy analysis, will perform with The University tWits on April 7. As a comedy sketch group, Longstreth said, the tWits play improv and writing games to help come up with ideas for skits when they perform. He added that they want to show off their comedic writing abilities in their set at the festival.  

“Because it’s such a great way to advertise our group, we want to show the different kinds of sketches we can do,” Longstreth said. “We’ll try to craft a show order that shows off all the different kinds of things we write.” 

Each night of Funny 501 will end with a collaborative set, in which members from each comedy group will perform together. Friday will end with a combination sketch special and Saturday will end with a combination improv special. Additionally, Longstreth said each sketch performed on Friday night must be co-authored by two people from different comedy groups on campus.  

“The opportunity to co-write and perform with other people is something I’m excited for,” Longstreth said. “I also hope this event encourages students interested in comedy to try out for any one of the comedy groups on campus.” 

Funny 501 is free and open to the public. Although all ages are welcome to attend, the comedy performed is written for a college audience.

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