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Sunday, June 16
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COLUMN: 3 fun and easy spring recipes to make at home


Spring is finally here, which means some of our favorite fruits and vegetables are almost in season. It’s time to celebrate by learning some new spring recipes that help you utilize the various fruits and vegetables — such as avocadoes, apricots and peas — as they come into season.  

Turkey, Swiss and avocado sandwich  

This is currently my go-to sandwich for lunch. I usually eat it with carrots and hummus or kettle potato chips. Once you try this sandwich, you will want to make it every day. 


A ripe avocado 

Sourdough bread 

Honey mustard 

Swiss cheese 

Turkey meat  


Fresh romaine lettuce hearts 


1. Place the two slices of bread in the toaster. While you are waiting, cut three slices of a whole tomato and grab one heart of romaine to set aside.  

2. Once your bread is freshly toasted, place two slices of Swiss cheese on one of the bread halves and heat it up on the stovetop for about 20-30 seconds.  

3. Place a few slices of turkey on top of the cheese and put one romaine heart on top. Then, drop your tomato slices lightly on top and slice up as much avocado as you desire to put on top of the tomatoes. 

4. Lastly, spread some honey mustard on the bare slice of bread and combine the two pieces of bread together. Once you cut the sandwich in half, you have the finished product.  

Grape and feta kale salad 

I love this recipe because it’s not like any typical salad a college student would think of making. Many people may not think to combine grapes, apples and feta in a salad, but I love it.  


Two cups kale, torn into bite sized pieces 

One apple cut into slices 

One cup red grapes 

Feta cheese crumbles 

1/3 cup crushed walnuts 

Balsamic vinaigrette  

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1. Wash your kale and tear it up into bite- sized pieces. Drop your kale into a medium- sized serving bowl. 

2. Cut your apple up into small cubes and cut each grape in half. Place the apples and grapes into the bowl and grab your walnuts to crush. You can crush them into small pieces with a food processor or press a large flat knife onto the top of each walnut.  

3. After you have dropped the crushed walnuts in the bowl, take as many feta crumbles as you want and lightly drop them on top of the salad. Lastly, take your bottle of balsamic vinaigrette and drizzle however much you want on top to create a delicious salad!  

Shrimp bowl 

I recently made this recipe for the first time, and I can confidently say I will be making it again soon. It is easy to make and fills you up right away. If you are not a fan of shrimp, you can substitute chicken or steak.  


Half cup baby tomatoes 

1 ½ cup Arugula  

½ avocado, cut up 

½ cup of shrimp  

Two tablespoons shaved parmesan  

1/3 cup cucumber  

One cup Jasmine rice  

Sriracha mayo  

Sweet and sour sauce 


1.  To cook the rice on the stovetop, pour 1 ¼ cup of water and a cup of rice into a saucepan. Simmer that on high, allowing for many bubbles to form. Cover the pan right after the bubbles are spread all over the rice and turn heat to low. Let the rice cook for 10 minutes while you fluff the rice with a fork. Drop the rice in a colander to rinse out any extra water and once it is dry enough, drop the rice in a salad bowl.  

2. Rinse your shrimp and dry it off with a paper towel. Next, take out a small frying pan and pour one tablespoon of vegetable oil before dropping the shrimp in the pan. Season the shrimp with salt, pepper and some paprika to add a bit more flavor. You will keep the shrimp in the pan for about six minutes, flipping each one three minutes in.  

2. Grab your cucumbers and tomatoes, cut them in half and drop them in the bowl along with the lettuce and shrimp. Then, cut up the avocado into squares and drop them in.  

3. Drop the shaved parmesan on top and drizzle the sriracha mayo with the sweet and sour sauce. Mix all the ingredients together and enjoy!  

Choose a night to stay in this weekend and invite some of your closest friends over to make one of these yummy recipes. Not only are they amazing to try, but they are also fun to make. Cooking is even more fun when you have multiple hands to help clean up.  

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