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Sunday, Feb. 25
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COLUMN: ‘The Bachelor’ week 7: a fight for hometowns


Just like that, it's Bachelor Monday again. Try and contain your applause. In the words of Zach, “It's Budapest, baby!” Let's recap an episode that had no drama and nearly put me to sleep… yay!  

Week seven  

It’s the week before hometowns, which means the women will be fighting for a rose this week; if they get one, Zach will meet their family next week. You know we can never start an episode without host Jesse Palmer doing a whole recap on Zach’s connections with each of the women.  

Once I fast-forwarded through that coffee date recap, the episode starts off with Kaity getting the first one-on-one date of the week. As we get the perfect camera angle of her awkwardly running into Zach’s arms, they ride a funicular through Budapest — how fun!  

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After an uneventful day, Zach and Kaity have dinner in a castle where Zach does an adorable toast to “feeling flabbergasted!” During the dinner, Kaity opens up about her relationship with her previous father figure. Zach expresses how he wants to learn more about Kaity and her family, leading him to give her the rose, meaning he will meet her family. 

Four women then attend a group date where they are met with a magician. I never understood how magic was possible, but this magician truly blew my mind. He was able to read the women's minds and ask them tough questions, which led to tears.  

The evening portion of the date was quite literally so uneventful I was disappointed. Sure, we have a casual tear or two because they are worried Zach doesn't like them, but no good drama. Lame. Zach gave Gabi the group date rose, leaving two more roses left for the week.  

Just as I thought we were heading to Brooklyn’s one-on-one date, out pops Greer from quarantine! It honestly took me a second to remember her name. Greer meets with Zach to talk about their future, but two seconds into the conversation you can see Zach is not into it — he made much stronger connections with other women. Zach expresses that to Greer, leaving her to walk out the door back five minutes after she got there.  

Now — after that brief interruption — at Brooklyn’s one-on-one date they rode in a hot air balloon over the city, then landed outside a bath house, and the people of Budapest cheered them on to kiss. I basically fell asleep during this date.  

After I woke myself up, Brooklyn opens up at the evening portion of the date about how her grandfather helped raise her and how she sees him as her hero. You could see the look on Zach’s face — and Zach has a very telling facial expression when he is not into someone — and you could tell he wasn’t going to give the rose to Brooklyn. Zach told Brooklyn he needed a minute to gather his thoughts — a.k.a. figure out the best way to say he wants to send her home. He came back to let Brooklyn know he didn’t feel a strong connection with her and decided it was best to send her home.  

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Once Brooklyn’s luggage is dramatically taken out the front door, the women head to the rose ceremony where there are only two roses to hand out. Zach decides to give the two roses to Ariel and Charity, leaving Kat to be sent home.  

We have ourselves a jam-packed schedule next week with episodes on both Monday and Tuesday. Prepare yourselves! But, sadly, I will see you all in two weeks after spring break for a double — and I can guarantee dramatic — recap. In the meantime, brace yourselves for hometowns and the Women Tell All episode. Enjoy spring break, IU students!   

See you in two weeks for a double recap! 

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