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Saturday, June 22
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COLUMN: ‘The Bachelor’ week 6: love is on the line


Just like that, it's Bachelor Monday! This week we learned — which I thought was clear, but apparently needs clarification — don’t kiss Zach before a different woman's one-on-one date.   

Week six  

This week, Zach and eight women traveled to Estonia where, thank goodness, Zach is out of Covid quarantine! Don’t cheer too loud, though.  

We start this episode with Zach and host Jesse Palmer sitting down for a cute little coffee date. Palmer lets Zach know that Greer has Covid and is out for this week. Then, for some reason, we go down memory lane on Zach’s relationship with every woman. I quickly pressed the fast-forward button.  

Charity gets the first one-on-one date of the week after hers got canceled last week. Everything seems fine until Kat decides to steal Zach into the hall right before Charity’s date. After they sneakily go into the hall, Kat and Zach end up kissing, which — as you can imagine — will lead to so much drama.  

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Kat and Zach walk back in as everyone is glaring at them, leading Gabi — literally a queen for noticing — to see that Zach has lip gloss on his lips. You can only imagine the awkwardness in the room.   

Once Charity and Zach finally leave, they go on a carriage ride through town, where they end up on a date with the townspeople. They ended up competing in a wife carrying competition where Zach flips Charity over his shoulders and she is lays upside down as they run through a course. Yes, it looked exactly how it sounds… awkward.  

After Charity and Zach win the competition — yay — they go to the evening portion of the date, where Charity talks about her emotionally abusive past relationship and how she feels like she can be herself with Zach, leading him to give her the rose.  

Back in the hotel room, Jess is upset because she has yet to receive a one-on-one date. As all the women comfort her, we somehow get back into the Kat and Charity drama. People yell, Kat feels attacked, tears are shed — and now it's time for the group date! 

Six women attend the group date, where they are met by a healing witch who will supposedly eliminate negative vibes.  

Each woman stares into a candle with Zach and they are supposed to “see” their future with him. Oh, how sweet. But just as Jess does this with him, the flame goes out in the wind. I’m sorry, it was so windy the whole date — I don’t understand how it went out only with Jess. I literally felt so bad.   

During the evening portion of the date, Jess is really feeling anxious about her connection with Zach. She confronts Zach, telling him she wants to feel chosen and get a one-on-one so they can really connect. Zach begins by saying he feels a strong connection, but as Jess questions it more and more somehow Zach suddenly loses that connection within five minutes. Jess explains how she doesn’t want to have to fight for someone, in which Zach says he doesn’t know where the relationship will go — leading Jess to be sent home.  

Zach is somehow so blindsided — even though he was the one who said he didn’t feel a strong connection — so he decides to not give a rose out because he is too “distraught.”  

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Making a quick emotional recovery — phew — Zach goes on a one-on-one date with Ariel. They go to a nudist sauna. I swear it can never just be a sauna — they always must throw nudists in.  

Anyway, once they are in the sauna, they are joined by an older couple who is… fully naked. After some awkward moments passed, Zach and Ariel decided to go to the hot tub outside, but don’t worry, the couple followed them too.  

Fully clothed and at the evening portion of the date, Ariel talks about how she uses humor to cope with her insecurities. Zach expresses how she is the best surprise yet and proceeds to give her the rose.   

With Jess gone, there are now only seven women at the cocktail party. Where — as you can imagine — the Kat and Charity drama gets brought up again. Kat decides to pull Charity aside to talk about it, but Brooklyn decides she needs to intervene for some reason. Kat gets mad and storms off. Brooklyn doesn’t understand why. Tears were shed. Rose ceremony time!  

With only one woman being sent home, the last rose was between Kat and Aly, and of course — to keep the drama around — Zach decides to give the rose to Kat, leaving Aly to be sent home.  

But don’t even worry, because next week the women and Zach travel to Budapest, where I know there will be even more drama and tears.  

See you then!

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