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Sunday, Dec. 10
The Indiana Daily Student

IU Interfraternity Council, IU Panhellenic Association pass new health, safety regulations for events


The IU Interfraternity Council and the IU Panhellenic Association have passed a new set of health and safety rules to govern social events, in response to three fraternities being placed on cease-and-desist orders in September.  

Enforcement of the new rules begins Sept. 15. The procedures were unanimously passed by the fraternity and sorority communities to ensure events and parties remain a safe place for all, according to a press release by the IFC and PHA.  

In the press release, IU PHA President Caitlin Myers celebrated the new policies. 

“Sorority women have long called for additional safety precautions to be enforced at fraternity events, and now we finally have tangible action steps that we’re confident will make our community safer,” Myers wrote in the press release.  

IU IFC President Ethan Golde said in the press release that all 26 fraternity chapter presidents voted to pass the legislation and he is promising very strict enforcement.  

“Fraternity men are excited to be partners in keeping our community safe,” Golde wrote in the press release.  

The new set of guidelines include rules around entry to events, guest lists and security.  

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All events will be registered with IFC, PHA and IU officials by midnight on Sunday of the week prior to the event, according to the press release. Guest lists and attendance lists will be maintained by each organization.  

Formal ID checks will be conducted at the entrance to events, and no one under the age of 18 will be permitted, according to the press release. Wristbands and stamps allowing alcohol to be served will be given only to those over 21 years old, and only alcohol below 15% alcohol by volume is permitted.  

All events are required to have one sober monitor for every 20 guests. These event monitors will receive Event Monitor Training provided by the IU Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life on skills such as alcohol safety and sexual assault awareness and prevention. Any event with 500 or more attendees is required to hire at least five professional security guards. 

Random event checks will be conducted by IFC and PHA leadership to ensure compliance with all new procedures.  

Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Epsilon Pi and Sigma Alpha Mu were placed on cease-and-desist orders this month. All three fraternities were placed on cease and desist for endangering others and alcohol violations, according to IU’s list of organizations on disciplinary status.  

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While a chapter is on cease and desist, all organizational activities are suspended.  

In another press release, Golde said the IFC is deeply troubled to learn of the recent allegations against the three fraternities. He said the IFC’s primary role is to ensure the values of brotherhood and sisterhood remain at the focus of Greek life. 

 IFC leadership will work closely with the Office of Student Conduct to ensure chapters are cooperating with all investigations, Golde said, and there will be severe consequences if a fraternity is found to endanger the IU community. 

“It is a privilege to operate a fraternity on this campus, and we have a variety of organizations currently waiting to return to campus who have all pledged to follow IU and IFC policies,” Golde wrote in the press release. “If there is a fraternity not deserving of the opportunity to operate on the campus serving as a role model for national Greek life, we will be more than happy to replace them.” 

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