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Friday, June 14
The Indiana Daily Student

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Two nearby residences broken into with rocks thrown through windows


Two residences less than half a mile walking distance away from each other were both reported broken into Sunday by rocks thrown through windows, Bloomington Police Department Lt. John Kovach said.

Police responded to a call 10:51 a.m. at 201 E. 19th St., a house containing multiple apartments. The owner of the house was preparing it for new tenants when someone noticed the door ajar. Glass in the back of the house had been broken in with a rock. The rock was still at the scene.

There was no furniture in the house, but the owners of the home reported painting materials stolen after the break-in. A five gallon bucket tool organizer and miscellaneous painting tools were reported missing. Kovach said their estimated value was around $100 to $150.

A little over two hours later, police responded to another break-in call to a house at 412 E. 16th St. Unlike the 19th Street apartment, the house was furnished.

The resident wasn’t there, but a neighbor noticed a screen hanging out of a window. Kovach said a window in a door was broken in with a rock.

Items were moved around, but police were unable to determine if anything was actually stolen.

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