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Orange Flower Healing blossoms into new location

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Pictured is one of the healing studio’s Sept. 26 inside Orange Flower Healing. OFH was started by Becky Holtzman and focuses on Reiki, a form of alternative therapy that focuses on restoring mind and body balance.  Matt Begala

Becky Holtzman discovered Reiki in 2013 when someone recommended she take a class on it. After taking this class, Holtzman said she found something she loved.

She moved back to Bloomington from Portland, Oregon in 2015 and opened her own local Reiki practice, Orange Flower Healing, out of her home. 

In spring 2016, she started looking for places for the practice outside of her home.

Orange Flower Healing moved to a new location Sept. 4 in the Landmark Offices off West Third Street. The practice had an open house Sept. 22. 

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine. According to the Orange Flower website, the benefits, which include stress reduction and body system balance, are given through light touches.

At Orange Flower, a Reiki treatment is 90 minutes. Sixty minutes is the Reiki process itself, which involves the practitioner placing his or her hands on spots on the client's head, stomach and back for three to five minutes each. The remaining 30 minutes are for conversation before and after the session.

A sign that says “Keep Calm and Practice Reiki” sits in Becky Holtzman’s healing studio Sept. 26 in Orange Flower Healing. Reiki, an alternative therapy focused on restoring mind and body balance, usually translates as “universal life energy.” Matt Begala

Holtzman said she is not the only person in Bloomington to offer Reiki. In fact, there is an active Reiki community and there are many different types. The type Holtzman practices is Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. 

Holtzman said she feels she was trained in the very traditional way, which is a slow process, and is still apprenticing with a Reiki master. She hopes to finish next year. 

“You’re always learning,” she said. “It's an ongoing process.” 

About 50 percent of her clients are cancer survivors, Holtzman said. Many others come in for stress relief. 

Some clients come in often while others come in just when they feel they need “a tune up,” as Holtzman describes it.

A rug resembling the Orange Flower Healing logo lies on the floor Sept. 26 inside one of the studio’s waiting areas.  Matt Begala

Client Bill Weber said Reiki transfers health energy. 

“It’s not Becky’s energy, but it’s the universe’s energy,” Weber said. 

Weber said Reiki makes him feel more relaxed, more at peace, more in charge and more ready to face whatever is coming next in life.  Weber said Holtzman is very professional and he would recommend her for anyone seeking a Reiki provider. 

“The thing people most often say is, ‘I just feel better,’” Holtzman said. “Feeling a little bit better can make all the difference in the world.” 

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