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Tuesday, Oct. 3
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Three men arrested in relation to fight near Upstairs Pub


Three men were caught on video beating another man until unconscious in the alley between Upstairs Pub and Wheel Pizza early May 9. 

The victim was unconscious when Bloomington Police Department officers arrived on scene, but is now in stable condition at IU Heath Bloomington Hospital. He remembers the fight occurred, but no details, and may have a concussion, BPD Capt. Steve Kellams said.

The three men — Tabin Breedlove, 21; Leon Dantzler III, 22; and Kennetth Montgomery, 21— at first each man claimed they they were at different bars and that they didn't start the fight, Kellams said.

Breedlove said he was pushed and then Breedlove said he pushed back at the victim before he was tackled to the ground where he scraped his knee. Dantzler was covered in blood and told police he had tried to break up the fight. Montgomery said he was just walking and his friend had gotten punched, Kellams said.

However, according to the the video police obtained, the three men were all beating the victim while he was on the ground. 

At that point a woman arrived and tried to stop the fight. Breedlove then punched her and knocked her to the ground. 

Police eventually arrived on scene, and the three men were taken into custody and charged with battery and public intoxication. Breedlove was also charged with possession of a controlled substance after police found Xanax on him.

Kellams also said the girlfriend of the victim was being uncooperative and impeding the investigation so she was handcuffed. Officers attempted to calm her down and let her go, but she insisted on being taken to jail, according to the police report. 

All names and ages are obtained from BPD officers and public records and are accurate according to the information gathered.

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