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Friday, Dec. 1
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Man who allegedly admitted to stabbing and killing pit bull in March faces felony charge

Antoinne Shaw, who allegedly admitted to stabbing and killing a pit bull named Blue in March, was released from the Monroe County Jail on Monday after being booked Friday.

The 29-year-old faces a felony charge for killing a domestic animal. In addition to not allowing any contact with Blue’s owners, he can’t “possess, own or care for any animals, and is to have NO contact with animals,” according to online records for his case. 

He also faces a misdemeanor theft charge after police say he admitted to stealing a few items from the house of the dog's owners, where he was staying.

Shaw had agreed to watch the dog for Jeremy and Shelbi Ramstein in exchange for a half gallon of vodka and some cash while Blue's owners went to Greenwood.

On March 22, 2017, police responded to the Ramstein residence after Jeremy and Shelbi reported Shaw had called them to say he had killed their dog. 

No one was home, but officers say they could hear barking from inside the house.

Once they gained entry, they found Blue lying dead in dried blood on the living room floor with 10 stab wounds. Blood was also spattered on the walls and couch cushions, and the pit bull was surrounded by bandages strewn on the floor. 

Indiana State Police trooper Gabriel Bault said in the affidavit that neither of the other two dogs at the scene had “visual marks of trauma or marks of any kind that would indicate they had been attacked or bitten.”

According to the affidavit, Shaw claimed he acted to protect a dog named Stormie, also spelled Stormy elsewhere in the report. He told police Blue had attacked the other dog a couple times in the past and was attacking it again outside by the shed where Shaw kept Stormie. 

When Shaw couldn’t separate the two dogs on his own, he grabbed a knife from inside and stabbed Blue several times. 

Bault said Shaw told him he tried to use bandages to patch up Blue and gave him water, but he slept after Blue died because “it was a ‘nonhuman’ emergency.” 

Shaw then said he took Stormie to a local veterinarian clinic, but when Bault asked the veterinarian on duty at Combs Veterinary Clinic, there was no evidence Shaw had been there that day.

The affidavit further states that Jeremy said Shaw had made alarming statements about possibly killing Blue in the past and did so again before Jeremy and Shelbi left, but Jeremy thought, “this was pretty normal for Antoinne” and “it was part of his disturbing sense of humor.”

Shelbi’s statement in the affidavit claims Shaw was lying because Stormie had no injuries. She said he killed Blue on purpose.

“Blue was my heart and soul,” Jeremy said in reply to a comment on a picture, which includes him and likely Blue, that he made his Facebook profile picture March 23. “He knew it, and he took it away from me.”

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