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Friday, May 24
The Indiana Daily Student

After vote deductions, REAL wins IUSA elections

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REAL for IUSA has won the IU Student Association elections. However, this could still change.

Although the election commission has made its final decision, all tickets still have 48 hours to submit appeals to the supreme court.

The election commission has released its final decisions on all official complaints. After all deductions, REAL for IUSA received 2206 votes, RISE for IUSA received 1999 and Accelerate IUSA received 1467 votes.

In total, there were 11 complaints filed: two complaints against Accelerate IUSA, six against REAL for IUSA and three against RISE for IUSA. The election commission accepted six of these complaints.

RISE filed six complaints against REAL. Two were accepted by the election commission.

Another complaint against REAL dealt with voter fraud. The complaint stated the IU College Democrats distributed the voting link to all those on their email list. In the email, the College Democrats announced they were officially endorsing REAL. Therefore, the email could have convinced those students to vote for REAL.

“Coercing those 1,500 students to vote for REAL for IUSA gave their ticket an immense advantage over the other two,” the complaint read.

Similarly, RISE filed another complaint against REAL, stating a member of their ticket made a post on Facebook distributing the voting link while saying to vote for REAL. The post tagged REAL president Sara Zaheer, which therefore means Zaheer committed voter fraud, according to the complaint.

In total, 21.4 percent of REAL’s votes were deducted.

Although they still won, Zaheer said the victory was bittersweet.

“We’re a little disappointed in the process,” Zaheer said. “The most frustrating thing is that so many students who voted for us are getting disenfranchised because their votes were taken away.”

Zaheer said REAL did not commit voter fraud, and her ticket will be submitting appeals regarding complaints that they did.

REAL filed three complaints against RISE. One was accepted by the commission.

The complaint stated RISE did not disclose all finances properly. On the days the ticket tabled, they passed out candy which was not noted as a campaign expenditure on their financial statement, the complaint read.

In total, two percent of RISE’s votes were deducted.

RISE president Naomi Kellogg said her ticket will also be submitting appeals throughout the week.

“We’re really impressed with how thorough the election commission has been,” Kellogg said. “We’re excited to continue making our case, and we look forward to seeing what comes up in the next few days.”

REAL filed two complaints against Accelerate IUSA prior to last week’s elections. Both were accepted by the election commission.

One was for improper use of email, claiming a student requested to be removed from Accelerate’s email list and was not. The election code states a ticket must remove someone from the email list 36 hours after a request.

The second complaint was also for improper use of email, claiming Accelerate misled voters into thinking they were the current IUSA administration when sending out a survey.

In total, Accelerate received a .7 percent vote deduction.

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