Catch some shuteye

Feelin' those 2 pm blues? Time for a power nap.


THE E BUS. Sarah Boyum

You’ve got that 2 p.m. feeling — but wait, forget the bottle of 5-Hour Energy. It’s time for a power nap. You already know the treasure that is the Indiana Memorial Union South Lounge, but when the couches are full, check out these spaces to get some Z’s.

The great outdoors

When the weather’s warm, head outside. Try the edges of Dunn Meadow (out of way of errant Frisbees), the Arboretum, or the shade trees near the School of Education building.

The dorm lounges

You don’t need a key to sleep in the dorms. Every residence hall has a formal lounge in its center building open all day for student use, and they’re often forgotten study spaces. Bonus: couches. Stretch out, weary studier.

The Stacks

Not just for silent studying and getting frisky. Note: sleeping in the library is usually frowned upon by security guards. The Stacks’ study carrels will keep you out of sight.

The E bus

Snag a window seat, slip on some sunglasses and your headphones, and put a sweatshirt between your head and the glass. While you may encounter some occasional bumps and noise, the E bus offers you a nap, er, ride with limited crowds. The route repeats about every half hour — perfect for a quick siesta.

Tips for your best nap yet

Set an alarm

It takes only 10-15 minutes of sleep to boost your energy. But if you have extra time, set your alarm for 90 minutes, which is one full cycle of sleep.

Go horizontal

Experts say it takes 50 percent longer to fall asleep when you’re sitting upright.

Cool down

It’s hard to sleep when you’re shivering, but skip the sweatshirt if you can. Excess warmth can make you oversleep.

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