Police: 2nd party in Cornett altercation instigated fight

Sophomore wide receiver Caleb Cornett was never charged with battery or disorderly conduct after an altercation early Wednesday morning because the altercation involved mutual physical contact between Cornett and the man he struck, said Bob Miller of the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office.

Miller said two facts led to the decision to charge neither party.

First, Cornett was provoked at the time of the altercation by the other party, and second, according to the police report, the other party was the initial aggressor in the altercation, allegedly shoving Cornett before Cornett struck him, Miller said.

The other party was taken to the hospital, and Cornett spent several hours in jail.

“We did not feel it was necessary to add a criminal charge,” Miller said.

Miller said the decision not to press charges against either party was made solely on information taken from police reports sent to the office, just like in any other incident.

“We don’t know the occupation of someone ... when we make these decisions,” Miller said.

Amanda Marino

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