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Saturday, Dec. 9
The Indiana Daily Student

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Optimistic future? Yeah, right.

Hoosier nation is excited, but for all the wrong reasons. Fists are clenched high above heads because there are only three more games left in an underwhelming season.

Usually, fans are ecstatic for the final stretch of their team’s season. However, that’s not the case here, folks. Memorial Stadium’s meager attendance proves only a few can withstand this plagued season one minute longer.

It’s evident some players have dumped the drive, passion and talent essential for success and the IU football team’s 3-6 record paints the whole embarrassing picture.

Can someone please inject some life into this downright nasty IU season before it enters a depression greater than the 1930s? The Hoosiers simply can’t endure another lengthy postseason drought.

But reality is, the Cream and Crimson aren’t morphing into a gridiron powerhouse tomorrow. 

The new North End Zone Project is seemingly the only bright spot in store for IU’s future. Yep, a modernized attachment to one of the most decrepit and unoccupied Saturday cathedrals will be the only hot commodity in 2009.

So, what about IU coach Bill Lynch’s recruits? They have to be worried about the current state of the Hoosiers, right?

Surprisingly, two recruits sounded optimistic.

“They’re having a bad season, but that happens with teams. Even great teams sometimes have bad seasons,” said Lawrence Barnett, a committed defensive back from Fort Wayne. “I have a good relationship with the coaching staff. I’m just ready to come down there and help the team out.”

I see what Barnett is saying, but I’m not buying it. Obviously, as a potential Hoosier, he doesn’t want to jeopardize his future by saying something negative, and he is no doubt excited about his Big Ten future.

But understand this Lawrence – Bloomington is no football town. And that’s due to a terrible product on the field. Why would you want to play for one of the worst FBS teams in a stadium that rarely exceeds 35,000? Your numbers prove you can wear a Central Michigan jersey.

Yet, your fellow recruiting classmate has no concerns about IU either.
“I’m sure (IU) will bounce back. They are a very young team, and I’m sure they’ll get back on track,” said Javon Cornley, a committed end from Columbus, Ohio. “I like the coaching staff a lot. I really like coach Lynch. In my book, they are OK.”

Hate to break it to ya Javon, but a lot of people are calling for Lynch’s head. Both you and Lawrence are entering a precarious situation and joining one of the biggest 2008 busts. 

Drastic changes need to be made before the Hoosiers can bounce back from an off year as dismal as this one. Unfortunately, timing is everything, and right now, it’s not on your side.

A new athletics director is coming aboard, and that likely means no shake-ups are expected for the 2009 season, even with fans questioning coaching and calls on plays.
You’ll have no more Marcus Thigpen. No more Austin Starr. And most importantly, no definitive leadership.

You and your fellow recruits need to bring something different, something new, something never before seen for a drastic turnaround next year.

Just adjusting to college life will be a challenge in itself. But be aware of the hardships IU football is notorious for producing.

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